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General13 years agoTerrence "MrBlue" Wong

Last hit your way to a Dota 2 Beta key

Here we go folks, another chance to win yourself a Dota 2 beta key. This time its all about pure skill rather than luck.

Last hitting and denying are some of the fundamentals of DotA and what better way to prove your worth to a Dota 2 beta key by holding a Last hit and deny contest? There are three keys up for grabs this time around. Rules are as follows.

Rules and Regulations:
1. Single player mode only, make sure your game name is the same as your username on the site.
2. Game mode is -apomnp with Goblin Techies as the hero of choice.
3. No items, no leveling up of skills. In other words, your hero should be naked.
4. No singleplayer commands (-gold -lvlup -spawncreeps) for those trying to be smart.
5. Neutral Creeps do not count towards the final creep count.
6. Winners will be chosen on most creep kills and denies at 10 minutes
7. Contest runs from now until 25th September 2011 at 23.59 CET.
8. Map version: 6.72f
9. User registered before 21st September 2011

Submission Details:
1. You will need two files for this contest: a screenshot of your game at 10 minutes and the replay of your attempt. Only .jpg or .jpeg screenshots please.
2. Zip or rar both files and upload it to a file hosting website (preferably mediafire).
3. PM your links to either Brettis or Sylencia with your last hit/deny count.
4. Limited to two submissions per user.
5. Wait for the results.

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