The Great Chinese Reshuffle: Part two

Posted by Kai "Treble1999" Chua at 26 August 2011 16:31
With the conclusion of 'The International', teams have set aside their Dota 2 aspirations and have again put their sights on more glory in the DotA 1 scene. The Chinese are at it again, swapping, poaching, and buying players.

Recent developments have seen the disintegration of 2 teams, with TyLoo being the latest hit. Just as with ZSMJ and the old LGD, TyLoo has only one remaining member; kabu. With Awoke and Faith moving to iG.Z to play together with Zhou, DD moving to LGD and carry player Hao announcing his decision to leave the team, we see history repeating itself.

Statement from kabu:
"Even though I received news of my team mates departure some time back, it still feels unreal reading about it in the headlines. I have been at TyLoo for just five months, but seven team mates have come and gone. It is saddening to think about, but I will continue to fight with any new team mates."

Few weeks back, we brought you news of KingJ and beNz leaving DK, with the former joining Nv.Cn, now there has been confirmation of beNz joining the newly formed PanDa DotA team, under manager Nekomata. beNz left LGD and joined DK only at the beginning of the year, but due to a series of poor performances, chose to leave and many began to speculate upon his destination. With his wealth of experience, he will surely be able to bring many things to the table in this relatively new team.

LGD have also confirmed their new roster, after being torn apart by Invictus Gaming. A short interview with the team revealed that the new members, namely xiao_D from Nv.Cn, DD from TyLoo, xiao8 and DDC from iG, made the decision to join LGD voluntarily. The team has also confirmed that ZSMJ will continue to be their carry player while the rest of the team sort out their roles. Interesting to note is also xiao_D's decision to change his nick to Yao, in respect to recently retired Chinese Basketball player Yao Ming.

LGD sheds light on missing out on 'The International'
"Many fans have queried about LGD's absence from WCG and Gamescom, resulting in a lot of confusion, but here is the long story short: Organisators invited the original 5 members of LGD to participate, invictus gaming suggested and allowed the original 4 to participate under the LGD organisation, but LGD refused, we seeking the public's understanding."

Overview of Chinese Teams
China 820
China 357
China FCB
China Dai / X!!
China xiao8
China ZSMJ
China Yao / xiao_D
China DD
China DDC
China Seaking
China Banana
China xiaoluo
China KingJ

China Zhou
China 430
China SanSheng
China Awoke
China Faith

China YYF
Malaysia ChuaN
China ch
China 830
China PLT / Lamn
China xB
China BurNing
China Yueru
China LongDD
China Zippo
China kabuChina YaoDao
China Sylar
China Fnty
China Li
China MoFi
China Hayabusa
China yAobAi
China beNz
China Wind
China MU

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