Na'Vi take home $1,000,000

Posted by Ulrich "KongoTime" Hanten at 21 August 2011 18:42
After five days of intense competition, Na'Vi are now crowned the world's first Dota 2 Champions taking home the $1,000,000 in the process. Take note that during the whole tournament, Na'Vi only dropped one match.

Grand Final, Game 1
Ukraine Na'ViChina EHOME
pudge Na'Vi.Artstyle.Darer
potm Na'Vi.XBOCT
chen Na'Vi.Puppeh
tidehunter Na'Vi.LighTofHeaveN
viper Na'Vi.Dendi
vengeful spirit EH.GIGABTE.820
venomancer EH.GIGABTE.357
natures prophet EH.GIGABTE.PLT
doom bringer EH.GIGABTE.FCB
storm spirit EH.GIGABTE.X!!

The first set can easily be described as the best game of the tournament, given overly aggressive plays from both parties, paired with entertaining hero choices such as Storm Spirit or even Butcher, which Na`Vi picked up for the first time in a competitive match of Dota2. The game itself then turned into one of the most thrilling encounters of all time, stamped by constant aggression. The factor of EHOME being able to obtain a lead time over Na`Vi after the loser bracket final, proved to be nonexistent as the Ukrainian's game was spot-on. Not much seperated the two teams in the encounter, yet EHOME showed stellar play in the end game and deserved this win.

Grand Final, Game 2
China EHOMEUkraine Na'Vi
earthshaker EH.GIGABTE.820
windrunner EH.GIGABTE.357
crystal maiden EH.GIGABTE.FCB
tinker EH.GIGABTE.X!!
tidehunter Na'Vi.Artstyle.Darer
spectre Na'Vi.XBOCT
chen Na'Vi.Puppeh
beastmaster Na'Vi.LighTofHeaveN
enigma Na'Vi.Dendi

Game two started out much slower than its predecessor. One could not see much change in Na`Vi's playstyle and picks, due to the sensitive loss and the unconventional hero choices not working out. Having chosen Spectre as the harder carry, the Ukrainians performed a lot more conservatively, relying on her power and leaving the pace to EHOME, while responding prepared and accurately. Despite the game being nearly as even as the first, a lot less action occurred, enforcing Na`Vi to start attacking with Radiance on Spectre after around 30 minutes. By impressively showing that the Ukrainians are also capable of playing long games, Na`Vi eventually conquered the Radiant's base and sealed game two in their favour.

Grand Final, Game 3
Ukraine Na'ViChina EHOME
slardar Na'Vi.Artstyle.Darer
weaver Na'Vi.XBOCT
beastmaster Na'Vi.Dendi
puck Na'Vi.LighTofHeaveN
chen Na'Vi.Puppeh
lich EH.GIGABTE.820
sandking EH.GIGABTE.357
natures prophet EH.GIGABTE.PLT
doom bringer EH.GIGABTE.FCB
storm spirit EH.GIGABTE.X!!

With the match point on the line, Na'Vi brought their A game to the table, picking Weaver, Slardar, Beastmaster, Puck and Chen as their line up. EHOME on the other hand went with Lich, Sand King, Nature's Prophet, Doom Bringer and Storm Spirit. Na'Vi went with a rather unorthodox laning phase with Chen and Beastmaster roaming in Radiant jungle due. That move turned out really well, gaining a quick Blink Dagger, Na'Vi was able to engage EHOME's heroes fast. EHOME did what they can in terms of farming, letting their Doom and Storm majority of the farm. But even that proved not enough for them as Na'Vi executed a few great teamfights and took the game home. The Chinese team will just have to settle with second place and $750,000 less than coming first place.

Congratulations to all teams that reached top eight. Final standings available below.

Another good news comes from IceFrog and Gabe Newell who both confirms that there will be another "The International" in 2012.

You can also catch the final moments in the video embed below.

Final STandings
First PlaceUkraine Na'Vi$1,000,000
Second PlaceChina EHOME$250,000
Third PlaceSingapore Scythe.SG$150,000
Fourth PlaceDenmark MYM$80,000
Fifth PlaceRussia M5$35,000
Sixth PlaceChina iG$35,000
Seventh PlaceOther OK.Nv.Int$25,000
Eighth PlaceThailand MiTh.Trust$25,000


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