Jinro, SjoW on National TV, One Step Closer to Victory

Posted by Lasse "Enron" Engen at 13 April 2011 11:18

The StarCraft 2 scene has been under constant growth since the beta came, it has had an appearance on Eurosport, we saw IdrA on CNN, and now we have seen Jinro on national television.

As we were sitting in our hotelroom after a long night of videoediting followed by uploading the videos on a connection slower than the connection on the train I'm currently on, me and Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand had not slept for more than 24 hours. No matter how tired we were though, and no matter how bad the weather suddenly got the day after the most brilliant StarCraft 2 event I've ever seen on that sunny day, it was still a moment of joy in that hotel room.

jinro-stockholm2011-200px.jpgSweden's second largest television station, TV4, were running their morning show, and it was not like any other morning show with cooking lessons, or someone reviewing a book. No, this was something completely different - a step into the future if you'd like. Jonathan "Jinro" Walsh was in the studio, and the topic was StarCraft 2.

We have these two middle-age hosts trying their best to understand what the game is about, it's 09:00 in the morning the day after the event, Jinro did his best to explain, and they kind of got it.

SVT, the largest TV station in Sweden, as well as several radiostations, and Sweden's largest newspaper, Aftonbladet, were all covering the DreamHack Stockholm Invitational that took place on the 12th of April.

This article doesn't really have a precise ending, but I just wanted to share my gratitude towards everyone who have for so long worked on making our dear community grow, and finally opened the eyes for the outside world, and got their attention. This is a huge step forward, and it opens doors for more sponsors as well as a larger community, more events, more players, so on and so forth. Victory!

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Jeffrey "SjoW" Brusi was also featured on Swedish channel TV4.


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