GosuGamers looking for HoN staff

Posted by Philipp "ereskigal" Hartmann at 15 February 2011 23:01
GosuGamers is constantly evolving. We need new faces to keep up with the constant flow of information. We want you.

Replay Admin:
Do you watch every live stream, follow every tournament and instead of watching TV you follow a scrim of EG versus MSI? Then apply for the replay admin spot. You are responsible for the replays to be uploaded in time, search for entertaining inhouses (high tier) and to work hand-in-hand with the GosuBet admins.

GosuBet Admin:
You talk to the professionals and their managers, get the scheduled times of tournament and/or league matches and set up a GosuBet for it, so that the visitors can bet their totems on their favorite teams. You work hand-in-hand with the replay crew, telling them when important matches are, so that they can upload the replays.

Shoutcasting Crew:
Either all of your friends think you have a very sexy voice, or your bandwidth and computer is totally awesome. You enjoy commentating on games. Or you are able to stream the games, spectating them and share them with everyone outside. Then the broadcast crew is what you are looking for.

Interested? Apply now! After answering a few questions you are done, and we will come back to you.


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