ESTC 2010

Posted by Terrence "MrBlue" Wong at 13 October 2010 15:28
While the world waits for WDC and SMM to creep ever closer, let us take a look at one event that's being held in just one day from today, ESTC 2010.

While overshadowed by events such as SMM and WDC, ESTC can be considered one of the biggest LAN tournaments of the year for the Asian scene. From the 14th to the 17th of October, 32 teams will battle it out in Bangkok Thailand for a total prize pool of 260,000 baht (approx $8000). Out of the 32 teams, 16 of them will be international teams hailing from China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. With so many top teams attending, this promises be an action packed event.

Prize Pool
Champions160,000 Baht (approx $4970
First Runner up50,000 Baht (approx $1553)
Third & Fourth25,000 Baht (approx $776)
VenueSiam Paragon Bangkok, Thailand
Tournament StructureBo1 Single Elimination
Date14-17 October 2010

Before the event starts, let us take a look at the participating international teams and predict how they will fare.

Top Contenders
-One of the most fearsome teams at the moment, having won ESWC2010, National eSports Open and IEM. After winning NESO back in August the team took a long break to rest themselves up. Now back in shape once again, the team can be seen playing in the WDC China Qualifiers. Winning ESTC2010 will secure's EHOME status as one of the best teams of the year.

-Having lost many tournaments to their rivals, AEON[MuFc] in the first half of the year, it was led to believe that the team was in a slump. But after bringing new blood into the team in the form of YamateH and Ice, the team has managed to turn the tides on their arch-nemeses from Malaysia. With Mushi heading to his first international LAN since NGF, along with YamateH, the team can definitely give the best of China a run for their money. Expect to see the team in the top four placing.

Malaysia AEON[MuFc]
-Currently considered the second best team in Malaysia, they have dominated the first half of the year in the local scene, denying of success in many of them. The team was suppose to be the Malaysian representative for ESWC, but due to financial issues, has to take their place. Now with a new sponsor, they will have to prove their worth in ESTC10.

Vietnam StarsBoba.Gigabyte
-After defeating the Chinese team Deity in WCG-Asia, StarsBoba is considered as one of the only teams that can beat the Chinese. They definitely have the achievements to back that claim, two WCG-Asia title back to back and a top eight placing in SMM09. But will they be able to stop the advancement of the China powerhouse EHOME? Only time will tell.

Singapore XtC
-Last year's ESTC champions, XtC is one of the best teams to grace Singapore. One of their most known players is none other that Musica who used to play for MCiTY. Known for their unorthodox picks, the team will head into ESTC10 with a heavy burden on their shoulders.

Singapore Scythe Gaming
-Formerly known as, the people behind Scythe Gaming are considered among the best in the world. While the team does not have any major achievements this year, the players have been hard at work trying to get their first gold of the year. With iceiceice on board their chances of winning will be rather high.

Possible Upsets
China Dream.DotA
-Little is known about this team, but what we do know is that they are currently placed top eight in WDC China qualifiers along with the big names such as EHOME and LGD. One of the most possible candidates to cause an upset.

China Deity
-While the team is considered one of the top teams of China, they may not be able to do as well as hoped with their numerous roster changes. One can only wonder how strong the team chemistry will be on the day of competition.

Singapore Axis.Gigabyte.Sg
-The recently formed Axis.SG boosts names such as Chawy and xy. Both great players with short stints in various famous clans. Chawy played for MCiTY once while xy played as a sub for (now known as Scythe gaming) on numerous occasion. Can the team edge out over the rest? We'll find out soon enough.

Indonesia Markas Wannasabo
-The team from Indonesia is probably one of the most underrated teams around. Having pulled an upset in their RGC group by defeating StarsBoba and advancing to the playoffs, the sky is the limit as to what they are capable of.

Thailand Roccat.Trust
-The homegrown talents from Thailand are currently having a rather successful run in ADC, having already taken down titans such as in a very convincing manner. The best of Asia better be careful when they head to Bangkok because it's this team's backyard and they have the home advantage.

Notable Mentions
Singapore PMS|Asterisk*
-ESTC2010 will be the Singaporean all-girl's team second time in Thailand having reached the top 32 in the 2009 edition lets see how the girls will fare this time around. Also the girls will be playing a showmatch against a local all girls team by the name of Roccat.Girls. Definitely something to look forward to.


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