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Posted by Terrence "MrBlue" Wong at 23 March 2010 09:41
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Pandora's Mighty Soldiers better known as PMS, the forerunners in female gaming has once again added another team to their DotA division named PMSki who will be competing alongside PMS|Asterisk* in future tournaments

As the name may have suggested, PMSki is an all-girls team originating from Philippines who until today was playing under the Mineski organization. The reason behind this latest pickup is due to the fact that the team has a very positive attitude and are very active in local LANs.

The team started out with just two players in 2005 but soon added more players down the years. Now the team consist of a solid seven player roster as follows:

Philippines Eleanore "eLLe" Kuo (Leader)
Philippines Katrina "hottiekath" Ferrer
Philippines Girlie "Foxy Lady" Policarpio
Philippines Sheela "shane" Bantegui
Philippines Ana "miele" Bartolome
Philippines Rea "rheadoo" Aguinaldo
Philippines Marjorie "Joy" Eusebio

Statement from PMSki.reahdoo, spokesperson and co-leader of PMSki:
-"PMSki is thankful to PMS for giving us this oppurtunity. We vow to work extra hard with a smile on our faces even when faced with obstacles. We are so excited to work with everyone!"

Statement from PMS|furryfish*, leader of PMS Asia:
-"PMS* is pleased to announce that we've added PMSki girls (mineski's female team) to our Asian roster. They are a hardworking team with a great attitude. We're looking forward to incorporating our sister team from the Philippines into our 2010 trainings and events!"

PMS|Asterisk website - Source


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