IronLady DotA tournament kicks off

Posted by Terrence "MrBlue" Wong at 29 January 2010 14:23

The SteelSeries IronLady tournament is underway. Although there are only two DotA teams playing, they will be no short of action from the tournament since they will be three different competitions going on. Namely a 1v1, 2v2 and 5v5.

Arguably the most famous female DotA team in the world, PMS|Asterisk* from Singapore was invited for this tournament. To further boost their chance of winning the tournament, PMS has enlisted the help of Malaysia's Shizuma, leader of team ShizumaPro which placed second in the SMM KL qualifiers. They will be playing against the lone China team named Steel|KK. The team consists of players from China's premier female DotA team, KK and two previous winners of IronLady WC3.

While there is only two teams playing, there will still be lots of action coming from this event as three different competitions have been organized. A 1v1 competition, a 2v2 competition and the classic 5v5 competition. The 1v1 and 2v2 competition will be played on -om mode with a King of Fighter format. 5v5 will of course be played on -cm mode and a Best out of Three game. Prize distribution is 5000 RMB for the champions of the 1v1 and 2v2 tournament, and 2500 Yen for the runners-up. While the champions of the 5v5 tournament will walk away with RMB Yen

To ensure that all games are fair some restrictions have been imposed on the 1v1 and 2v2 matches. The first being no power-ups. Secondly, they will be no Courier bottling. This means that they will be no runes present and Flying Courier can only carry Empty Bottle from base to said Heroes once only.

The IronLady DotA tournament will be held from today until Sunday and is being held in Shang Hai. To spice things up, the organizers have provided a little present to our male gamers in the form of a photo shoot of all the participating players. Check it out Here.

Explanation of the King of Fighter format:
One player from each team will play each other until a player loses. The losing team will then swap a player to play. The winner cannot change heroes to play. The competition ends when one team has no more players to field.

PMS|Asterisk* lineup:
Singapore pinksheep*
Singapore msjovial*
Singapore w4ndeRz*
Singapore Kimchi*
Malaysia Shizuma*

China XiaoM
China Sara
China XiaoChang
China Ruru
China NaoNao

Day One

Match NumberPlayerResultsPlayer
First Match China KK.sara<Malaysia PMS.Shizuma
Second Match China KK.XiaoChang<Malaysia PMS.Shizuma
Third Match China KK.NaoNao<Malaysia PMS.Shizuma
Fourth Match China KK.XiaoM>Malaysia PMS.Shizuma
Fifth MatchChina KK.XiaoM<Singapore PMS.msjovial*
Sixth MatchChina KK.Ruru>Singapore PMS.msjovial*
Seventh MatchChina KK.Ruru>Singapore PMS.w4ndeRz*
Eighth MatchChina KK.Ruru>Singapore PMS.Kimchi
Ninth MatchChina KK.Ruru>Singapore PMS.Pinksheep

Day Two

Match NumberPlayerResultsPlayer
First MatchChina KK|Sara +
China KK|XiaoM
>Singapore PMS|pinksheep* +
Singapore PMS|w4ndeRz*
Second MatchChina KK|ruru +
China KK|NaoNao
<Malaysia PMS|Shizuma* +
Singapore PMS|Kimchi*

Third MatchChina KK|Sara +
China KK|XiaoM
<Malaysia PMS|Shizuma* +
Singapore PMS|Kimchi*

Day Three

PMS shows that they are the better female team in DotA by taking down Steel|KK in an impressive sweep of the final day competition. Due to our new server move, we are unable to upload the replays are the moment. The replays however can be downloaded here for game one and here for game two. Draft Information is as follows:

Game One

Earthshaker Phantom Lancer Spectre Gorgon
Admiral Proudmoore Ursa Warrior Nerubian Assassin Shadow Shaman
Crystal Maiden TidehunterBroodmother
Necrolyte Keeper of the LightDemon Witch Lightning Revenant
MorphlingShadow Fiend Vengeful Spirit
Tidehunter PMS | w4ndeRz* (Bot)
Crystal Maiden PMS | MsJovial* (Bot)
Necrolyte PMS pinksheep* (Top)
Keeper of the Light PMS | Kimchi* (Top)
Morphling PMS | shiZuMa* (Mid)
Shadow Fiend Steel|KK.MintJ (Mid)
Broodmother SteelKK.RuruTia (Top)
Lightning Revenant steel.kk.cang (Bot)
Demon Witch SteelKK.Sara (Bot)
Vengeful Spirit SteelKK|thenao (Top)

Game Two

Tidehunter Broodmother Admiral Proudmoore Ursa Warrior
Phantom Lancer Gorgon Necrolyte Crystal Maiden
Demon Witch Shadow FiendSpectre
Slithereen Guard EnigmaLord of Olympia Earthshaker
SilencerTinker Lich
Shadow Fiend Steel|KK.MintJ (Mid)
Enigma SteelKK.RuruTia (Roaming)
Silencer SteelKK|thenao (Bot)
Demon Witch steel.kk.cang (Top)
Slithereen Guard SteelKK.Sara (Top)
Lord of Olympia PMS pinksheep* (Bot)
Tinker PMS | w4ndeRz* (Mid)
Lich PMS | MsJovial* (Top)
Earthshaker PMS | Kimchi* (Bot)
Spectre PMS | shiZuMa* (Top)

PMS having won the last day's tournament and the second day's, they have now netted themselves the championship prize pool of 10000 RMB for the 5v5 tournament and 5000 RMB for the individual tournament. A total of 15000 RMB is awarded to PMS for their excellent win.

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