DXD one on one tournament

Posted by Rastko "Faek" Simic at 17 November 2009 17:55

Dota Extreme Domination, better known as DXD, has announced a 1v1 competition!

The game mode is going to be –apshomnp, which means: All Pick, Same Hero, Only Middle, and No Powerups, which allows for a completely fair match. The goal of the game isn't the usual, destroy-opponent's-ancient we are used to, but a fierce lane battle that will last 15 minutes, or until one of the players dies 3 times, in which case he loses. If a winner is not decided within the intended period, the winner will be decided by a point system as follows:

1) Last hitting a creep - 2 points
2) Denying a creep - 3 points
3) Killing enemy heroes - 40 points for FIRST BLOOD, 35 points for any subsequent kill, even if the player doesn't land the killing blow
4) Killing towers - 30 points. However, if your creeps last hit the tower instead, you only get 25 points for it. If you get it denied, you will only get 20 points.

Additional rules include:
- Stout Shield and Poor man's shield are banned, to encourage clashes and discourage defensive creepers.
- The picks were chosen by the admins beforehand:

Round 1: Viper the Netherdrake
Round 2: Nortrom the Silencer (No Curse Allowed)
Round 3: Nevermore the Shadow Fiend
Round 4: Akasha the Queen of Pain
Round 5: Pudge the Butcher
Round 6: Mirana Nightshade the Priestess of the Moon
Round 7: Aiushtha the Enchantress

Any round after this will be played with Viper.

Finally, the prizes:

First Place: $100
Second Place: $60
Third Place: $40

As well as a complimentary wine bottle for the winner (if he's of legal age).

The deadline for registering is November 23rd, so hurry up and apply if you think you got what it takes!

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