DTS out of SMM?

Posted by Terrence "MrBlue" Wong at 17 November 2009 13:55

There are maybe only two left to represent the West as DTS may have to withdraw from SMM DotA due to immigration problems.

To add to the rumors of JoliE joining DTS for good, SGamer has reported that DkPhobos will not be attending SMM DotA due to personal issues and will be replaced by JoliE.

Current DTS roster:
Ukraine v1lat (Manager)
Ukraine GO[blin]
Ukraine Travka
Ukraine Artstyle
Russia Zydu
Russia JoliE
Russia LightOfHeaven

However, with reports of Ukraine's first H1N1 death, DTS's players maybe quarantined as they enter Malaysia. This makes their trip rather redundant as the tournament would be finish by the time their quarantine period is over.

DTS is trying to work something out with the Malaysian immigration. However, their chances are rather slim. Their participation at SMM DotA has been changed to pending until further information have been obtained.

They have until 14.00 CET tomorrow to contact the organizers regarding their immigration issues.

BBC - Ukraine's Swine Flu pandemic
myMYM - Source
SGamer - Source


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