The new sponsored PokerIdols will be attending SMM

Posted by Terrence "MrBlue" Wong at 14 November 2009 16:21

The Stars have become Idols as team PokerStar, due to their new sponsor, changes their team tag to PokerIdol.

JohnyUtah, leader of team PokerStars has just announced that his team will now be sponsored by PokerIdol. They will be playing under this new tag for the first time in the upcoming SGNDT. Alongside Danish team MYM and Ukrainian powerhouse DTS, they represent the best of the west.

JohnyUtah says that they as team are very grateful they can be sponsored by PokerIdol and providing them their for their trip to SGNDT. He also says that for the upcoming SGNDT, they will be representing the best of North America and beat all Asians on their home turf.

It was also revealed that due to some visa problems, Filip 'Fanat1c' Boguszewski would not be attending SGNDT. Instead, Jimmy 'Demon' Ho, from EG would be taking his spot for SGNDT.

PokerIdol SGNDT roster:
Canada Hassan 'JohnnyUtah' Bahr
Canada Mohammed 'wtfguineapirate' Nasar
Canada Johnson 'AMXZaku' Kan
United States Jimmy 'Demon' Ho
United States Miky 'Samurai' Chea

PokerIdol roster:
Canada Hassan 'JohnnyUtah' Bahr
Canada Mohamed 'wtfguineapirate' Nasar
Canada Johnson 'AMXZaku' Kan
United States Filip 'Fanat1c' Boguszewski
United States Miky 'Samurai' Chea
Denmark Morten 'ZexTar' Knudsen (Manager)

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