Aeon and CyberTime dominate Asia

Posted by Maaz "maaz139" Ahmad at 14 November 2009 08:15
Razer ADC III Regular Season has been concluded. By winning the top two spots in the rankings, powerhouse and CyberTime have managed to secure their place in the playoffs. Third to sixth place finishers are set to battle it out for the remaining two spots in the playoffs - which are set to begin next Wednesday.

Playoff Qualifiers:

Vietnam StarsBoba vs Australia MCity
China CommeDieu vs Indonesia Digi

Playoff Fixtures:

Singapore vs China CommeDieu / Indonesia Digi
Malaysia CyberTime vs Vietnam StarsBoba / Australia MCity

Season finals will be in Bo3 format - Dual Elimination

With Sup Forfeited; Philippines' Mineski qualifies for next season's ADC. This leaves Trust and Err0R to round up the playdowns.


1. Singapore Aeon
2. Malaysia CyberTime
3. China CommeDieu
4. Australia MCiTY
5. Vietnam StarsBoba
6. Indonesia Digi
7. Philippines Mineski
8. Thailand Trust
9. India Err0R
10. South Korea SuP (forfeited)

Asia's finest are set to face each other. This is an event you do not want to miss. Garena-tv will provide the streams, we also have confirmation that TobiWanKenobi from GameStah Radios will be providing live shoutcasts (Link below).

The first match MCiTY vs StarBoBa will be played at 9pm GMT+8 Sunday November 15th, 2009.

Garena - Source
GameStah Radio - ADC shoutcast coverage
GameStah Radio - Shoutcasting Server


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