Maelk: 'I don't have the same commitment and love to the game'

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 13 November 2009 12:53
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From MYM.DotA was set up till it was disbanded and then re-organized, you have been with this team all along. And finally, you decided to end your pro career here. We think it is hard for a DotA player to remain in one club. So what is the MYM in your mind?

- The main reason for staying within MYM for so long is because of my teammates. I have truly been blessed with some very talented individuals whom I loved to spend time with both in- and outside of the game. They are not only allies, but also good friends. On top of that, it gives me great pride to be wearing the MYM-tag.

MYM never lacks star players, say, Merlini in 6.3X and KuroKy for the moment. It is always a dream team. However, the most favorable feather of this team is TeamPlay. How do you achieve that with so many big names?

- It comes naturally to people with such high individual level of skill. Sure, we have great teamplay, but only because of the great understanding of the game that everyone on the roster possesses. Also, despite having many 'starplayers' on the squad throughout time, we've always managed to keep a balance where it evened itself out (mostly because of MaNia and PusHers unique desire to put their ego's aside and do whats best for the team!)

maelk_shouting_245.jpgWe hear KuroKy will take your position. What's the reason behind? What's in your mind?

- That's a decision made within the current five players. I haven't had any influence on this, and I actually thought that MaNia would step up and be captain, but apparently it seems to work out for them with using KuroKy as both captain and strategist. As long as it works, I think its great and I support their decision wholeheartedly.

Are you satisfied with KuroKy's performance in MYM?

- Yes, how can I not be? They have already made some spectacular results although I still find myself sometimes questioning his picks and the motives behind them (I feel there are games they could/should have won much easier, but didn't because of picks).

SMM 2009 and DreamHack Winter 2009 are at the same time. MYM has been entitled DreamHack winter championship continuously from 2006 to 2008. Why do you guys choose SMM this time?

- Because Dreamhack isn't at all a great tournament for DotA-players, and we've always wanted to visist Asia and play the teams of another continent (not including America!).

So we can assume EG with Fear and Merlini will be seeded no. 1 in DreamHack?

- I don't think EG is participating in Dreamhack? If so, yes, I should say so.

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Talk about SMM: Which 4 teams do you think will qualify for the Semi-finals? And which team do you think will get the title?

- I have no idea to be honest, but I am fairly confident that Ct, EHOME and MYM will be the maincontenders to the title. They seem to be a notch better than the rest.

Why don't yourself participate the SMM games? We thought it could possibly become a good farewell match for you.

- I really wanted to, but there were too many obstructions in my real life that made it impossible for me to go. My education simply couldn't allow a week away at that time and I have a new girlfriend that I have spend most of my time with, and whom I wish to continue doing so with, so that I haven't practiced whatsoever. And I don't really have the same commitment and love to the game, as I used to a year ago.

So far as I know, MYM was invited to China's DotA League in December, why not come to China? You know, MYM has many fans here, who very much like you, MaNia and KuroKy.

- If the guys wanted to, and could, I'm sure we would have gone, but unfortunately neither KuroKy nor MaNia could find the time to go to China for so long. AnGel, MiGGel and PusHer all wants to go.

Why do you tend to retire at this time point? Any special reason for this?

- Real life mainly: Education, girlfriend, social life and the lack of desire to play on a competitive level.

Hope MYM all the best in future and we will always miss you.

- Thanks, I'm sure the guys will keep on performing better than ever without me. They don't need an old dog like me to drag them down :) I don't usually do shoutouts, but I'd like to give one out to all our Asian fans - I'm sorry I couldn't go to SMM and meet the cream of Asian DotA - And a special shoutout to hyhy: Good luck in the tournament, sorry I couldn't back up all my trashtalking :) No hard feelings.

OK, thank you for taking the interview. Good luck.

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