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DotA didrik “thanzi” Leganger

This Saturday and Sunday a new tournament has been the focus of Europe's DotA elite, and with over $5000 in pricemoney this tournament was about more than just glory. With the dominance of MYM and Fnatic in the recent tournaments most DotA fans would agree that the most likely final would be between them.

The tournament hosted over the weekend wanted it otherwise and an amazing went through the winnerbracket only losing a single match(against MYM). dmZ also showed great form beating Fnatic and EnRo in the WinnerBracket and knocking out MYM in the Lower Bracket finals. being the WinnerBracket winner only needed 1 match to win 1st price with all the glory that comes with it, including the very sweet $3000 cash price.

Both teams started the match really carefully farming their respective lanes with Puppy's roaming ES not effecting the game in the way Aeon wanted. dmZ got an advantage in towers while Amsi's PotM were the only wellfarmed hero in AEON's lineup. Then AEON's deadly Fatal bonds combined with ulti's from ES and Lich proved very effective taking down the high hp heroes of dmZ quite easily. Amsi's PotM farmed even more items, that combined with well executed teamfights from won them the game and the tournament

Download the replay HERE

DotaClub Pro Series, Grand Final
Germany dmZ Russia
Shadow Shaman dmZ^moods (Top)
Rogue Knight dmZ^Black^ (Top)
Admiral Proudmoore dmZ^hexOr (Bot)
Demon Witch dmZ^v1Ctory (Bot)
Beastmaster nfinity.rmN (Mid)
Warlock AEON.pgg (Top)
Slithereen Guard AEON.phe!V (Bot)
Earthshaker Puppey (Roaming)
Priestess of the Moon ^|cFF0000C0Amsi (Mid)
Lich NS (Bot)

Gosugamers got a hold of moods to ask him some questions about the final

Hey moods, after beating Fnatic in the first round you beat EnRo in the WinnerBracket semifinal and later knocked out MYM in the LowerBracket finals. Only knew a way to defeat you. What did they do better than you?

To simplify it, AEON was the best team of the tournament. They were slightly better in every department. Better picks, performed better in the teamfights, better warding and less individual mistakes. That’s why we lost deservedly.

In the final match, managed to bring out an impressive AOE combination together with the fatal bond. Lich ulti, Earthshaker ulti and other AOE spells together with fatal bonds broke your neck several times in the teamfights.

In theory, that combination should not work against our lineup. We had hawk to scout for Earthshaker, and if we initiate well with Beastmaster, we should easily disable Slardar with BM ulti and slow. And possibly kill Lich before he casted his ulti. But we made some mistakes and later on we couldn’t do anything against the massive AOE together with Sladar and lost the game.

You had the advantage in towers and in farm, but then AEON suprised you with a perfectly initiated teamfight at top lane? Could you describe that fight from your point of view? And was that scene the turning point of the game?

Well, we saw that they are initiating, and I managed to plant a sentry, but we didn’t have vision on Shaker, who owned us hard in that fight. But I have to disagree, the turning point of the game was the death from Kunkka and the Roshan kill afterwards. We went in one by one to disturb them and died.

Did you expect to be #2 with opponents like Fnatic and MYM?

We didn’t expect that, but we were very motivated and ambitious.

The 5 who played today, will that be the official lineup for upcoming tournaments?

No, rmN still belongs to nfinity and Equinox is still leading the team. But we hope to perform the same way we did in this tournament in upcoming tournaments like Farm4Fame.

We also got a small interview with the champions PGG and Puppey

Russia pgg:

Can you tell us a little about the picks?

We dont pick feed lanes, we wanted good 5x5 fight not bad lategame + the lich pick vs 3 melee is devestating. The Lich ulti will be perfect after Earthshaker jump.

Estonia Puppey:

So it looks like you had a straight run to the trophy did you expect to win this tournament?

Well since this was my first tournament and official matches with AEON, no I did not, but I had a good feeling comming into it

Can you tell us a little about the picks. A very heavy AOE combo together with fatal bonds?

I would say that we were outpicked for earlygame, but a chance with farm and 5v5 battles were for sure on our side. It all ended up to the fact untill Earthshaker farmed a blink dagger, only then we could pull off a swift combination.

What was the turning point of that game?

When we fought middle near the river, when only Slardar and Kunkka survived the whole clash, it ended the pressure from the enemy team.

Why didn't the ES roaming succeed from the start?

Well first of all, we had no combination on any lane which would strongly effect early game so my pressure did not really matter on lanes. All I could do from that point was to give Priestess all the runes and help Warlock farm while placing the new wards.

After scrimming with EG, we saw you now playing with for that tournament. Any official statement about that?

Well in AEON there are 4 players who are ready to win tournaments and be the best team in Dota, while in EG this feeling was of absence. I liked to play with Fear and Merlini, but other players I decided to dislike for this time.

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