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With the reopening of myMYM a few months ago, the fight between them and us - GosuGamers - for the best DotA coverage is open once again and the winner is decided by you, member of the community.

In an interview conducted by Andreas 'RuFFy7' Lonz, from Fragster, he talked with the most important people behind each website: ReiNNN and Zeyall. All questions were concerning the coverage in its various aspects and the community as the most important factor. Here follows a small piece of the whole discussion:

Do you see yourselves as rivals?

ReiNNN: Well, considering that we are the only two DotA sites at the moment, there is no way in hell that we can deny that we aren't rivals. We are basically catering for the same community and always try to outcompete each other in every aspect. However, in my personal opinion, I think that right now all GosuGamers' have is their community and nothing else. myMYM is uploading a lot of replays everyday, including all that we can find from various websites in the world and updating our matchtickers timely (with drafts). Besides that, we do have more news and yes, we do news about everything including all of Gosugamers' interviews and game analysis. No bias there.

Zeyall: Of course we are rivals since we are in the same business, and there are no other international sites besides us. Most people take GG.net as their source for match dates with the non-money betting system (Gosubet) and as their replay database. myMYM is in my opinion the news portal, delivering news very fast, whereas we rather wait until it is official or officially announced. This means we work different and may have different aspects of covering. fragster is a good German newssite, but since most parts of it are in German, people will rather stick to GG or myMYM.

You can read the whole interview here in English or here in German.

Fragster.de - Source
Rômulo “jihox” Silva
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