Swedish DotA League back again!

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Interview with Nukes

The Swedish DotA scene is showing good form lately, with top players such as Loda, KwoM and Miracle in fnatic + the Swedish top team Sweden Blight recently beating Russia The Retry in the Farm4Fame qualifications.

After beeing dead for about 6 months the Swedish DotA League has returned. We sat down with one of the admins Robert "Nukes" Larsson for an interview

Your league is not so known outside of Sweden, why don't you tell us abit about the league?

Sweden Robert "Nukes" Larsson: We play like "champions league" currently. Each team play eachother 1 time in a bo1 match. After each team playd eachother the top 4 teams from each group goes to playoff wich is played BO3. The League is open for Swedish teams, but also for swedish speaking teams or teams with a majority of swedish members

Your league does not have multiple divisions, how is it possible for teams to join this league?

Sweden Robert "Nukes" Larsson: After each season new teams as well as old can sign up for the league. As of now all teams are welcome, we have not yet hit our limitation when it comes to how many teams the league can handle.

The skill difference between the teams might be big seeing as anyone can sign up, how do you organize the groups?

Sweden Robert "Nukes" Larsson: First of all we took all "known" and better teams and seeded them so we didn't have the four best teams in one group. Even though it's hard to know each team I think the seed was pretty fair. After seeding I randomized the groups starting with one seed and ending with those without seeds

So, what about the playing schedule, with 8 teams in each groups this league might take up some time for teams?

Sweden Robert "Nuks" Larsson: Yes that is one of our main problems really season 8 did take forever, in season 9 teams plays eachother only 1 time in the groupstage.We have also sized down the groups from 12-13 teams down to 8. In addition to that teams only have to play one match each week.

So moving on to prices, what is in store for the winner of this years Swedish Dota League?

Sweden Robert "Nukes" Larsson: The winners will recive headsets from Steelseries, in addition to glory and the title Swedish DotA League champion. We are currently working on getting more sponsors in order to bring this league to the next level

Okay thanks for the interview, anything else you want to add?

Sweden Robert "Nukes" Larsson: Shoutouts to Rebate (Forget owner). Milken and Pellevanten (Dotaforum.se creators) and all my fans. Also a big shoutout to our sponsor Steelseries that provided the prices for this years Swedish DotA League!

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