Kebap and aHCoS - How to support

DotA Rômulo “jihox” Silva

Both players were interviewed by Fragster and all questions are related to their role on the competitive DotA: Support.

For those who like an interview, this one can't be missed. This interview looks like a manual for those who want to be successfull playing the support role. Both Germany Kebap and Germany aHCoS answered the same questions providing twice as much insight about the subject. Here follows a very small piece of it:

On a professional level, is a good supporter just as important as a good carry?

Germany Kebap: He does as much for the game but he cannot shine like the one that gets beyond godlike.

Germany aHCoS: To play at the top every single player must be able to show outstanding performances, including the supporters.

The whole interview can be read here. Be prepared to face a wall of words explaining behaviour, warding and more about being the support of a team. Don't give up on reading, you can be sure it will be worthy in the end.

Fragster - Source
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