The new official name for Razer.CGC is "AEON"!!!

DotA Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers
After a widely contested "Name your favorite team competition" the new name for Razer.CGC has been announced.

The separated Kingsurf team which was temporarily playing under the tag of Razer.CGC has selected Aeon as their new name. The name was chosen through a contest that Eryc himself announced about a month ago. People from Asia, Europe, North/South America and Africa participated which made the decision for Eryc a tough one!

Eryc's announcement (Translated):
I made the difficult decision to change the old Kingsurf Gaming team to the temporary Razer.CGC. We created a contest that received hundreds of entries from Asia, Europe, North and South America and Africa. With 400 entries, together we decided that AEON would be the final decision. AEON is a word with Latin roots that symbolizes and means "eternal" and "forever."

The name was suggested by [email protected], who being the winner of this competition will receive a Razer Destructor mouse pad signed by and Ks.DotA plus a “Thank you” letter as promised.

Eryc also announced that the Malaysian IT Corporation, will support and assist the razer team in the designing of their new website.

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