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CEVO Season 2: "Registration Open"

With the launch of the second season, CEVO once again provides the North American Dota players a platform to gather and show their skills.

Cyber Evolution (aka CEVO) has announced the opening of registration for the next season of DOTA. Season 2 offers cash and prizes worth $1,600 for teams participating in various divisions.

The event membership fee for CEVO-P(professional division) is $15 (USD) per player. Players may register for season 2 without already being on a team. Registration will remain open until Thursday, July 30th at midnight.

Paid teams will be eligible for a FREE NationVoice ventrilo server!

CEVO is also offering the CEVO-F(Free) division.

Prize Distribution:

1st - $500.00 cash + Free entry into CEVO DotA Season 3 ($100.00 value)
2nd - $350.00 cash + Free entry into CEVO DotA Season 3 ($100.00 value)
3rd - $150.00 cash + Free entry into CEVO DotA Season 3 ($100.00 value)

For teams looking to earn a name for themselves in the North American Dota scene, it is suggested that they participate in CEVO-P for all sponsors will value CEVO-P teams greatly over CEVO-F teams. CEVO-P will also most certainly offer greater competitiveness for teams looking for a challenge!

North American DotA Syndicate is accepting applications for full or partial sponsorships for teams who cannot pay the entry fee:
If your team truly cannot afford the $15/player entry fee, please email [email protected] This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with a detailed explanation of why you want to be in CEVO-P, why you can't pay for yourselves, and a nice team biography. To show how confident we are that CEVO-P is the most important league for North American teams, we will help pay the entry fee for as much as we can muster up. You better have a damn good reason why you can't pay for yourselves, and sucking up probably wouldn't hurt.

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