Gamers' opinion about v6.60

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fragster has interviewed progamers from different clans about their opinions and thoughts of the newly published DotA-Allstars map v6.60.

For many players, the new version has too much changes and a lot of them suggest to balance the newly created heroes, BatriderBatrider and especially ChieftainChieftain. Others say, the game become a lot faster, some items are easier and faster to built and the gamespeed itself has increased.

fragster interviewed several players about the new map.

Denmark Martin 'AngeLofGoD' Olsen (Ravens): are a couple of heroes like TC and Razor who need a nerf I would say, TC is just N/C...

United States Jimmy 'DeMoN' Ho (Evil Geniuses):
I personally think this is the funniest map IceFrog has made, and I hope he balances some of the heroes like Razor a bit, so we can start putting the new map into competitive play!

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Let's hope for some interesting tournaments in the future hosting the new version.

fragster - The players talk about 6.60