Last chance for ENC finals

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It is the last playday of the main round of the ESL Nations Championship and for some teams the last opportunity to come in to the Finals of the 2009 edition of this tournament.

Only the teams from Ukraine Ukraine and Romania Romania are still undefeated and are safe for the Finals. Surprisingly for many fans, the favoured teams, Germany Germany, Russia Russia, Sweden Sweden and Denmark Denmark have to fight for the last spots for the Relegation.

Iran m4p has created GosuBets for each of the games and we will try to provide replays.

Group A:

RussiaRussia vs CroatiaCroatia

GermanyGermany vs PolandPoland

SlovakiaSlovakia vs UkraineUkraine

Group B:

SwedenSweden vs RomaniaRomania

Czech RepublicCzech Republic vs DenmarkDenmark

Good luck to all the betters, and remember: today ist the last day for this betting season! Tomorrow, the Tangos will be resetted.


In a really nice game, Romania Romania was able to defeat Sweden Sweden (Replay) and has now been seeded directly into the Final Round, without losing a single game. Besides, Denmark Denmark won against Czech Republic Czech Republic in a short but intense game (Replay). Sweden and Denmark are now in the Relegation, where it will be decided which team will move on in to the Final Round.

In Group A, nothing is decided yet. At first, the game between Ukraine Ukraine against Slovakia Slovakia will decide the team which will automatically be in the Final Round. The loser of this match has to face either Germany Germany or Russia Russia, both still able to join the Relegation. Here are the current standings of Group A.

Besides that, the ESL has announced to cover the match between Germany Germany and Poland Poland vis ESL TV. FiLLy and Germany Rene- (from clan Europe TLT) are hosting the show. Don't miss it! Link

ESL - ENC 2009