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GosuCup for DotA kicking off

Update: Since we already got MORE than enough teams signed in, the signups are closed! Thanks to everyone. Teams will be released tomorrow afternoon!

I will return from university at 17:00 so I think it will be released at about 18:00 CET

Starcraft is already in the midst of Season 2, Warcraft 3 had some 1on1 and some 2on2 cups already. Now it is time for DotA to pull off with GosuCups.
After a long break, the last tournament was CotA, we will try to host some tournaments with streams, and maybe casts.

For this Cup, the first one, we created the following format and the following rules:


32 teams will participate, 8 of them invited, 24 to sign in. Best of one double elimination, with BO3 In WB and LB finals and in the grand final.


Invited Teams:

Denmark Roskilde Ravens
Europe The Last Try
Serbia Serious Gaming
Romania The elder Gods
Europe Kingsurf International
Russia RoX.KIS.DotA
Europe Reality.DotA
Slovakia Storm Games Clan

To shout the most important matches (that - of course - will be streamed) we managed to get Denmark Simon `Cola` Millard .

The Schedule for the rounds are as following:

Schedule for GosuCup.DotA
Round Timespan Defaultdate
WB Round 1 July 6th, July, 12th July, 12th
WB Round 2 & LB Round 1 July, 13th - July, 19th July, 19th
WB Round 3 & LB Round 2 July, 20th - July, 26th July, 26th
WB Round 4 & LB Round 3 July, 27th - August, 2nd August 2nd
WB Finals & LB Round 4 August, 3rd - August, 9th August 9th
LB Finals August, 10th - August, 16th August, 16th
Overall Finals August, 17th - August 23rd

Sign Ups:
Send me a PM with your Teamname and your roster (usually contains 5 players, more are allowed). The one sending the PM will be team-captain for the whole tournament. The fastest 24 teams will be added to the tournament. Only correct sign ups will be counted. The order in my mailbox counts!

GosuCup.DotA #1 - Tournament Page

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