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MI vs iDeal


Rank: #7 (1,324 pts)

Country: Philippines Philippines

Clan: Mineski

89 % 11
2682 332
83 bets 25


Rank: #54 (1,052 pts)

Country: Thailand Thailand

Clan: iDeal.Gigabyte


Amount of bets: 108 ( 3,013)
Event: » GIGABYTE E-Sport Tournament
Best of: 1
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: August 12, 2012 at 11:20
Posted by: ngazirrrrrrrrrrrrr

Match description

United States English stream with GoDz
Thailand Thai stream Mikagami
Thailand Thai stream Bank
Philippines Pacific eSports stream
Upper bracket
Round Team vs Team
Ro16 1 Other D2 - Other C3
Ro16 2 Other C2 - Other D3
Ro8 1 Other A1 - Other Ro16 1
Ro8 2 Other B1 - Other Ro16 2
Ro4 Other Ro8 1 - Other Ro8 2

Comments (Closed)

Australiaissy.mate 5 years, 31 weeks ago
open pls
PhilippinesataMmm 5 years, 31 weeks ago
Last match of mineski vs. iDEAL GEST MARCH when ideal beat mineski twice.
PhilippinesGG.Shanks 5 years, 31 weeks ago
scary... MI pls. don't choke this time.... hehe.gif
PhilippinesTwincasT 5 years, 31 weeks ago
de javu.. just like last SMM. picking sf in a semi-final match and got buttraped hard. i hope you learn from this mineski. LEARN TO COUNTERPICK!!!!
PhilippinesKhail 5 years, 31 weeks ago
Haha. Bear'ed
PhilippinesTwincasT 5 years, 31 weeks ago
its very sad to see a very strong team lose because they get outpicked very bad. sad.gif
they dont try to outpick/counterpick, they just pick what they want.
this is a semi-final match altleast pick seriously. sleepy.gif

clearly, they are underestimating iDeal. they think their individual skill can take them down. so sad sad.gif
Philippinesdwade2323 5 years, 31 weeks ago
no bimboker even if he was open cost them bigtime! lol.. crash.gif
Philippinespaweg 5 years, 31 weeks ago
... so the thai's = ph now? this is becoming interesting. No more pinoy domination in GEST. ^^.gif
PhilippinesLXG_FLY 5 years, 31 weeks ago
ew owa sf loth in 22 mins. playing as hard carry hero.

i like MI a lot but im dying owa to be out of their team.

United Stateskelua4 5 years, 31 weeks ago
If julz was still on their team then I would understand the sf pick, but to put it on owa and see him farm so slowly makes me kind of sad... WP though by ideal.

At least now, MI have some time to practice for their match against LGD later wink.gif .
PhilippinesTwincasT 5 years, 31 weeks ago
No, it's not owa's fault. try going against ck aa dual lane w/SF and you'll understand.

their draft really, it's killing them. i mean, picking SF against CK AA is just meehhh..and they put SF at mid which i think they know that ck aa also goes mid. unless they are trying to prove something?

sometimes they try to have suprise picks which always fails. very good example is this game.

i really thought their gonna take this gest seeing their recent games, but i think overconfidence killed them.



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