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The first monthly DotA Event Overview. If you missed any of our running tournaments this month, don't worry, as you will now be able to read a minor recap of them all and congratulate the winners. This monthly overview will run from the 20th of November to the 20th of December. If you feel enticed by this, do not hesitate to regularly check up on for additional tournaments as we still have 50 keys that need to be given away, which means a LOT more incoming tournaments.

Week 47
24th of November


DotA 1v1 Beta-Key
DenmarkCr1t- vs. DenmarkAce.
Winner: Ace.
After a long tournament, with one game even lasting more than an hour, the winner was finally crowned. Congratulations to Ace. who not only won the tournament, but also a beta-key.Unfortunately, the replays of the grand final were not uploaded, but the games were as following:
Windrunner vs. Windrunner Beastmaster vs. Beastmaster Slayer vs. Slayer
27th of NovemberMode: -ARSHOM
DotA 2v2 [EU] Beta key
EuropePaI vs. Germany.exe
Winner: .exe
As expected, team .exe - led by Neno - stormed through the tournament, only losing one game. If you are interested in a tactical 2v2 game, we recommend that you watch the second match, which was interesting in that each team fought for even the slightest advantage, despite a few down periods.
Drow RangerDrow Ranger vs. Drow RangerDrow Ranger Guardian WispGuardian Wisp vs. Guardian WispGuardian Wisp Naga SirenNaga Siren vs. Naga SirenNaga Siren
Week 48
1st of DecemberMode: -ARSHOMNP
DotA 1v1 Beta-Key
Bulgariaelf.balance vs. TurkeyEowiElwind
Winner: elf.balance
This time it was an Admiral vs. Admiral game, and between all the match-ups that exist, this is definitely not a boring one. If you are into 1v1 strategies, this clearly demonstrates how a different build-up to the same item build has different strength and weaknesses depending in which order you are building it. Congratulations to elf.balance for winning this tournament and a shiny new beta key.
Admiral vs. Admiral
Week 49
5th of DecemberMode: -MMOMNP
DotA 2v2 [NA/SA] Beta key
Canadalidonutz0 vs. PeruBarB
Winner: BarB
An all out ranged game with a Lion to spice things up. Surprisingly, the Sentinel team did not decide to semi-jungle their Enigma this game; something which would have gone well with the mana-draining Lion they had; a skill build that was opposite of that of the Scourge who focused on disables, and which came to decide the match-up. Where as the first game was an all ranged, the second game became an all out melee match-up, and with two difficult to kill heroes, it all came down to who could gather the most farm. Congratulations to team BarB who ran away the victor of two games, and two beta keys.
EnigmaDemon Witch vs. EnigmaDemon Witch Faceless VoidBeastmaster vs. Faceless VoidBeastmaster
8th of DecemberMode: -CM
DotA 5v5 -cm Beta Key Tournament
GreeceNE vs. OtherSFZ
Winner: SFZ
This might very well have been our most diverse, in terms of the amount of different tournaments, we have held as of yet. This diversity even holds all the way to the grand final where we see the winner being a mix-up of Asia, Europe and Africa. Unfortunately there are no available replays of the grand final.
OtherOtherOtherOtherOther vs. OtherOtherOtherOtherOther
9th of DecemberMode: -CM
DotA 1v1 Beta Key [NA/SA]
VenezuelaGudii vs. Serbiapepsi.cola
Winner: Gudii
With the first game being two Treant Protectors going up against each other, it was rather obvious that it was gonna be a long lasting final. It wasn't until Gudii gathered both a Battlefury as well as a Vladimir's Offering, that a push - and therefore the win - was possible. In the second game, we saw two Grand Magus' fighting; a setup which usually also means a long lasting game. However, Gudii managed to control the creep waves and with two wins, we congratulate Gudii with an all new Dota 2 beta key.
Treant Protector vs. Treant Protector Grand Magus vs. Grand Magus
Week 49
12th of DecemberMode: -MMOMNP
DotA 2v2 [SEA] Beta key
Otherpsg vs. SingaporevtS
Winner: vtS
With an Ursa and Ezalor combined it all comes down to one thing: do you choose to jungle or not? In the end it showed to be more beneficial to jungle, as team vtS managed to be a whole Vanguard ahead; a feat that definitely won them game 1. Unfortunately there are no replays of game 2 and 3, but nevertheless congratulations to vtS who fought their way to a Dota 2 beta key. No replay of game 3
Ursa WarriorKeeper of the Light vs. Ursa WarriorKeeper of the Light OtherOther vs. OtherOther OtherOther vs. OtherOther
15th of DecemberMode: -CM
DotA 5v5 -cm Beta Key Tournament
Czech RepublicFeW vs. BulgariaXR
Winner: XR
By first picking Anti-Mage, XR forces FeW to create a lineup purely made to counter this single pick; question remains, what about the rest of XR's heroes? Congratulations to XR for winning 5 beta keys.
Shadow DemonObsidian DestroyerFaerie DragonUndyingDrow Ranger vs. Anti-MageWindrunnerLichDoom BringerEarthshaker
18th of DecemberMode: -ARDMOM
DotA 3v3 -ardmom [SEA] Beta Key Tournament
OtherDomiNation vs. SingaporeeZpZ
Winner: eZpZ
-ardm. A rather standard fun mode, and finally it has moved beyond a mere fun mode. People who are used to playing -ardm know that it is all about the first set of heroes; and unfortunately Scourge was unlucky enough to pick up 3 carries where they chose to dual jungle two of them. However, they were unable to utilize this early level advantage, and as a result their first tower fell rather quickly from which point it was an uphill battle. Congratulations to eZpZ for winning 3 beta keys, and a whole lot of fun.
MorphlingGrand MagusBroodmother vs. Stealth AssassinBloodseekerTroll Warlord
Week 50
20th of DecemberMode: -CM
DotA 5v5 -cm [SEA] Beta Key Tournament
TurkeyTMM vs. BulgarialcF
Winner: lcF
Hosting our, by far, shortest tournament so far, was a treat to see some unorthodox heroes. Congratulations to team lcF who took the tournament and the five beta keys which followed.
Pandaren BrewmasterBatriderLightning RevenantTidehunterBounty Hunter vs. WindrunnerShadow FiendSand KingEarthshakerBloodseeker Ancient ApparitionEarthshakerWindrunnerWarlockUndying vs. LichOblivionDeath ProphetShadow DemonPandaren Brewmaster Night StalkerVengeful SpiritDeath ProphetWitch DoctorOmniknight vs. Sacred WarriorAncient ApparitionWindrunnerNerubian WeaverUndying

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