DotA Report - October

Posted by Kai "Treble1999" Chua at 28 October 2011 10:27

With the continued development of Dota 2, I have decided to include both DotA and Dota 2 into this feature in order to present the most information.

This month saw the birth of three new teams, the second coming of DTS, the revival of Kabu, and ex-MYM + OK players officially forming under the banner of Evil Geniuses. On the competitive front, DK took all the headlines in China, winning almost every single LAN they partcipated in. With all the championship wins, they raked in prizemoney in excess of $50,000. Na`vi added another feather to their cap, continuing to show their dominance in Dota 2 by winning ESWC. A major tournament to look out for next month is WDC of course.

Special Feature: Player Profile

Solo Mid
Full name: Danil "Dendi" Ishutin Date of Birth: 30th December 1989 Previous stays: DTS Team: Na`Vi Moment: Hard to say, winning :D
Dendi What is your favourite hero and why? Well, I have many that I enjoy. My favourite heroes are those which require "SKILL" to play. In Dota 2 I choose two heroes at the moment, Pudge or Storm. When / where did you first start playing DotA? I don't remember at what age I started. I think I started playing about 5 years ago on Battlenet.   Who would be in your dream team? Four players with same passion for DotA and same will to win with a small ego. What do you do in your free time? Same as everyone ^_^, nothing special. In a nutshell, ten words or less, what are your plans for the future? I don't have big plans, first one would be to try my best in WDC.

Transfer Update:

New Teams
Team SponsorsTeam RosterTeam SponsorsTeam Roster
Ukraine ArtStyle
Russia McDeath
Ukraine Funn1k
Ukraine dubas
Russia Plet
China kabu
China 121
China molu
China ccc
China lyly
United States Fear
United States DeMoN
Denmark MiSeRy-
Denmark Playmate
Sweden Pajkatt
Retirements / Status Unknown: Croatia Lacoste Romania CWM The transfer market has more or less shut down as teams focus their attention on upcoming tournaments and competitions. This would be beneficial to both teams and spectators as more stability means more practice, which means more exciting games for us to watch. Many post-International loose ends were tied up as teams prepared for a hectic month ahead filled with many prestigious competitions. This month saw the creation of quite a number of teams, starting off with Chinese team Tongfu, led by kabu. If you recall, kabu was the lone survivor from post-International Tyloo, disillusioned with changing seven team members in five months, he went into a period of semi-retirement before re-emerging with Tongfu, who are manufacturers of instant noodles.

Following which, news emerged of Na`Vi's legendary captain, Artstyle, becoming tired of DotA and going into retirement. The rumours were half true, Artstyle left Na`Vi, but instead of going into retirement, he teamed up with Hard Team, and the DotA world saw the second coming of the once feared name, DTS. After a few months of hints and rumors, ADDS, made up of ex-MYM players as well as some OK.Nirvana.int members, were finally able to announce the return of yet another established E-sport sponsor into the DotA scene as ADDS became EvilGeniuses. The return of established sponsors surely bodes well for the future of Dota as an E-Sport. OK.Nirvana.int also announced that a new Dota team was in the works, but as of the time published, the roster could not yet be confirmed.

Concluded Tournaments

FirstRussia M5$3,000
SecondDenmark monkey$2,000
ThirdUkraine XBOCT4$1,500
ESTC 2011
FirstMalaysia Orange$5,900
SecondThailand Neo$2,600
ThirdMalaysia MUFC$1,300
G-League Season 2
FirstChina DK$23,500
SecondChina WE$1,500
ThirdChina IG.Y
China DT
No Replays Available
First PlaceChina iG.Y$3,000
Second PlaceChina iG.Z$1,500
Third PlaceThailand MiTH$1000
No Replays Available
GK Cup
First PlaceChina DK$12,600
Second PlaceChina iG.Y$4,700
Third PlaceChina WE$1,500
No Replays Available
First PlaceUkraine NaVi$12,000
Second PlaceChina EH$6,000
Third PlaceSerbia 4GL$4,000
No Replays Available

The first LAN tournament this month was the conclusion of the Intel Challenge Supercup, a tournament which progressed online matches to a LAN grand final in Kiev. However, not all teams were able to make it to the finals, most notably the full NaVi roster being replaced by XBOCT+4. However, this tournament also saw the debut of the new DTS, but ultimately it was experienced old hands, PGG and co, who took the gold. In Asia, Orange Esports, from Malaysia, exacted some measure of revenge for their TGX loss, beating Mineski on the way to claiming the title over Thai-team, Neolution. This competition also saw the debut of the new MYM.SG roster, who were knocked out prematurely in their playoff against eventual bronze medal winners, MUFC. In China it was more of the same as the DK domination continued, they swept all aside, and a nail-biting five hour long final against WE later, they could proclaim themselves as the best team in China at the moment. They followed this impressive win with yet another victory in the GK cup, bagging themselves another 12k in prizes. The final would however be marred by allegations of 'taunting', even to the extent of reaching local news stations. Prize money aside, it was just deserts for the team who began their existence with a string of disappointments. In the words of BurNing, they rose where they fell. Danish team monkey also took home $700 after winning joinDota and BenQ's inaugural tournament : The Clash.

Tournaments in Progress / to come

WDC 11-13 Nov
First Place160,000 RMB ($25,300)
Second Place30,000 RMB ($4,700)
Third Place20,000 RMB ($3,100)
Fourth Place10,000 RMB ($1,600)
Fifth to Eighth Place5,000 RMB each ($800)
G-1 League Season 2
First Place30,000 RMB ($4,700)
Second Place20,000 RMB ($3,100)
Third Place10,000 RMB ($1,600)
Third Runner's Up5,000 RMB ($800)
OSPL Autumn
PlacingPrize Money
First Place2,000,000 kzt ($13,600)
Second Place1,000,000 kzt ($6,800)
Third Place500,000 kzt ($3,400)
Fourth Place250,000 kzt ($1,700)
DreamHack Dota 2 24-26
First Place$7,500
Second Place$3,700
Third Place$2,200
Third Runner's Up$1,500
PDL Season 2
Invited Teams
China LGDChina TyLoo
China EHOMEChina iG.Y
China Nv.cnChina iG.Z
China DKChina WE
G-League Season 3
First Place$31,500
Second Place$8,000
Third/Fourth Place$1,500
GosuCup 4
Playoff stage
Brazil uE
United States EZ
Germany PANZER
Europe CC
France Virus
Germany .exe
Malaysia MUFC
Malaysia Orange
joinDota Tournaments
The Defense$14000

The main event for November is of course the World DotA Championships to be held in Wuhan, China. The best of the best will battle it out to be crowned as DotA world champions. Will Nirvana.cn be able to retain their crown, or will this be the chance for the Europeans to prove that they are the best at DotA? Will new team EG be able to build on its previous reincarnations as OK.Nv and MYM and win their inaugural title to announce themselves onto the scene with a bang, or will WDC once again prove to be the fruitful stomping ground of Chinese? In the European scene, we will have OSPL Autumn and DreamHack to look forward to, with the latter being played on Dota 2. It will be interesting to watch the progress of European teams in both DotA and Dota 2 and these tournaments will provide just the platform for that. Also joinDOTA and everyone's favourtie caster, TobiWan, have also announced their very own Dota 2 tournament with a whopping $14,000 payout. A few other ongoing Chinese online tournaments were announced in October, G-1 and PDL leagues. Top chinese teams will do battle week in and week out which means more games to watch and look forward to every week. Last but not least, Gosu's very own GosuCup has progress into the quarterfinals, and half the quarterfinal matches have been played, with the rest being scheduled to be completed within the next week.

Feel free to PM me if there are any mistakes, or any comments or suggestions for future issues.




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