ESTC 2011 Grand Final spotlight

Posted by Ulrich "KongoTime" Hanten at 08 October 2011 17:21

It is the end of the road for the four most persistant teams of ESTC 2011. Tomorrow, on Sunday the 9th of October, MUFC and MiTH.Trust will blow the clarions of war for the first time in the third place decider, followed by the grand final between the surpassing Orange.eSports and Neolution. Split up in unequal amounts, converted $10,000 will change hands tomorrow; close to $6,000 go to the winner. The following two squads hold on to the chance of becoming the 2011 Electronic Sports Thailand Championship winner.


Photo Credit: Orange.eSports Facebook

Orange have fought their way towards the finish-line throughout the immensely stacked upper half of the play off tree, that contained well-established profiles in both skill and status. MYM, MUFC and the Mineski clan, that arrived in Bangkok with two professional teams. Despite the rough competition and sticky situations, Orange did not show any weaknesses and will enter their last match with a clean streak of 6-0, as the clear favourite. Since the team's reformation as a collective of old friends exactly one month ago, two vice-championship titles (TGX and MSI) have been accumulated, with at least a third in hand after tomorrow.

Following their performances at ESTC in particular, the Malaysians primarily opt for either a line-up with high magical-damage output, or add a strong summoner to their mix. Obtaining an advantage through more direct kills over the opponent in the early and middle phase, through ganking, is the paramount ability of Orange. All line-ups are backed mainly by one hard carry and one classic support - mostly Vengeful Spirit, which the household names Yee Fung "Mushi" Chai, respectively Zhan Leong "XtincT" Chan take on. Going into tomorrow's match as favourites, Orange seems confident to make their first championship title a reality.

Malaysia Orange's ESTC path
TeamvsOpponentPhase Replay
Malaysia Orange>Thailand MiTH.TrGroup A
Malaysia Orange>Thailand Here JIKGroup A
Malaysia Orange>Thailand HSGroup A
Malaysia Orange>Thailand MixerRo 16
Malaysia Orange>Philippines MI.PowerCQF
Malaysia Orange>Malaysia MUFCSF

Photo Credit: Neolution Facebook

Neolution mark the clear underdog in tomorrow's final and while only holding one prior well-recognized appearance at the online-held Asian DotA Championships last year, the organization built up a name for themselves in their home country, Thailand, where competitive teams in various other games have been established. Within Thailand, the group can be considered a household name and feared among the local competition, the track record on an international level however, shall be considered modest. The circumstances appears clear, that Neolution was only able to rack up victories against Thai teams, although it must be said that the group- and bracket drawings provided many opportunities to change that fact.

In game, Neolution primarily focus on strong mid-game heroes that, through their versatility, can provide the team with the essential needs in all game-phases. At times, certain drafts take a rather aggressive note, as seen in their match versus MUFC, but primarily a stronger carry - mostly Anti-Mage, is provided to secure a safe stand in the team's mid game and beyond. With a good performance tomorrow, the team can prove that their placing in this final was not solely based on a fortunate bracket-outcome, but talent and commitment.

Thailand Neolution's ESTC path
TeamvsOpponentPhase Replay
Thailand Neolution>Thailand SoGroup E
Thailand Neolution<Malaysia MUFCGroup E
Thailand Neolution>Thailand JusTGroup E
Thailand Neolution>Thailand OKFRRo 16
Thailand Neolution>Thailand OutlawQF
Thailand Neolution>Thailand MiTH.TrSF

Orange.eSport will face Neolution tomorrow in the ESTC Grand final at 10:00 CET, respectively 15:00 local time. Prior to the big showdown, MUFC will take on MiTH.Trust in the third place decider at 08:00 CET (15:00LT)



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