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10:23 – Signing off for this years SMM. :') – LegoLas

Writing my last blog for this years SMM. It was a great event to be frank. I was there last year and the year before. To be frank this years management has been the best. NOT A SINGLE DISCONNECTIONS! Not a single.

We have got the replays of every single game in our database. A big thanks to Seira and BrknSword to help us out uploading them from their respective home. A wrap up is gonna come soon with the interview of the winning team! Also a big thanks goes to T.T Lim(Project Manager) for his support during the tournament.

It was me, reiNNNN, Kurtcos and Ren covering this event for you guys live from the venue under GosuGamers. Hope to see you guys next year. BUS YAN!

Legolas signing off. :')

08:16 – Pacific.Emaxx crowned new champions of SMM 2012 – LegoLas

We have got a new champion for SMM this year around. Pacific.Emaxx went undefeated the whole tournament without dropping a single game. They will take home a prize money of $18,650 USD along with other fancy prizes! 


On the other hand iZone.GIGABYTE takes the second place along with Mineski.Infinity acquiring the 3rd place. I will now head off to interview the winning team along with Ren. Stay tuned for it.



08:14 – Congrats Pacific.emaxx! – kurtcos

I was actually hoping that the grand finals would stretch to a third game with the Bristleback pick from iZONE but I guess that was not the case. Amazing performance by the undefeated champions here in Kuala Lumpur.

Stay tuned for a winner's interview with Pacific!


07:07 – Grand Final YO! – reinnnn

Mineski's plan to use what destroyed them against Pacific.Emaxx, Skywrath Mage backfired hard with just a Magic Stick.

Emaxx versus Izone coming up next.


06:06 – 3rd place decider startintg soon – LegoLas

Both Mineski and iZone are fixing their computer settings for the 3rd place decider which will make the losing team win USD 5400!

We are up for a epic game and is going live in a few moments.


05:23 – Dreamz trying to get back – LegoLas

Half way through the game between Dreamz and iZone. Till now the LS was pretty much slicing apart the support heroes of Dreamz. But with Julz playing his signature hero SF Dreamz  is trying to come back at the game. 3rd time the SF survived below 30 HP with a Lothars, BKB and BOT build. At the moment iZone seems to push in the base. Lets see!


04:17 – Sunday, 10:30 - Showtime! – Ren

We are on the Final day of the SMM Grand National DotA Tournament, with only 4 out of 32 teams remaining to compete for the top prize.

I actually arrived yesterday at 2 a.m. (due to some immigration issues), but all's well that ends well. Sorry for the unanswered inquries and all, and thankully I have these awesome guys from GosuGamers with me to catch my slack.

Anyway, the top prize is of course,is a hefty sum of $18,650 plus some more goodies inclusing these babies right here.

Championship Trophy

Though acting as a media, I would not deny that I am proud - 4 Philippine teams with a guaranteed top 4 finish. "OMG Pinoys go play Dota 2!" - I'm sure I'll be hearing a lot of these but just let us cherish the moment.

Anyway, games should be starting at 1100 SGT but we are still waiting for Ledion.Dreamz.Steelseries. Also, we would have 4 yo games at most today (I think). I'll update you guys once I get info! 



04:12 – Match delayed on stream – kurtcos

Dreamz is currently on their way to the competition venue now. As it turns out, they took longer than expected to get ready. When we left the hotel (two hours ago) after breakfast, they had just started eating. They'll probably arrive in 30 minutes and the match will begin at 12. 

Here's iZONE waiting patiently for their opponents:

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