Game nr 10

Sknoll @ 1st January 1970 00:00 (Read 1,717 times).
DEFEAT -> 5-4 1365(-50)
MAP Othello (first time i actually play this map)
long game where i got revdroped early and lost allot. But I catch up and manage to kill main and hurt 2 expansions majorly but I lose it anyway since I expanded to litle and he too much.
Tank near minerals @ droptimes. More mines. Dont forget high tech units (vessel etc), more dropship harrass and FOCUS on macro.

I feal my low apm is realy hurting me. Gotta find ways to improve it allot. Feals like I know what I must do but I don't have the time ;P
People say more games and that whats I gotta do but don't have so much time to play :/

From now on I'm gonna focus more on a few maps so I learn them instead of testing them all.