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Sknoll @ 1st January 1970 00:00 (Read 1,681 times).
I'm gonna do some bloggin about the iccup i play. The sole purpose of this is to track my proggress and ideas. But it's allways fun with comments (flame on;P) and such if anybody happens to read. Ask if you'd like any replay.

I've been on and of from the begining of time (1998 ofc). But generly I'm a complete noob, thus my progress should be intresting :P I've done 6 iccup games 3-3 in stats.

First game (0002): WIN
MAP: Troy
OPONENENT Protoss 156 apm
Mid-Short game where I manage to tankpush from my exp to oponents exp. 88 apm and way to much minerals in the end gotta learn spending and micro at the same time XD

Seccond game (0011): LOSS
MAP: Python
OPONENENT Protoss 333 apm
Mid long game where I try to biomech with bunkers and tanks but i was way to slow both to push out and apm wise to even stand a chanse. (I had 83 apm)

Third game (0012): LOSS
MAP: Python
OPONENENT Protoss 115 apm
Mid long game where i try biomech with m&t but this time i try an more offensive style but i lose over and over again in the open and finaly I'm out macroed. (96 apm)

Forth game(0013): LOSS
MAP: Bluestrom
OPONENENT Protoss 192 apm
Short game where he proxie gate me and i get raped since i didn't manage to scout it. (and my marine and scv micro isn't what i hoped it to be :P) (90 apm)

Fifth game (0015): WIN
MAP: Longinus
OPONENT Terran 82 apm
Mid long game where I play toss (OOOOPS) I manage to win thou.

Sixth game (0025): WIN
MAP: Bluestorm
OPONENT P 170 apm
Long game where I manage to win with pure mech (why didn't I do this earlier games?) I dont know what made me win realy. Maybe cuz he didn't arb/dt maybe something else. A win anyway and the best so far on iccup :D (104 apm yeah 100 break XD)