Dota 2 Pub Experience

OB @ 25th August 2012 17:42 (Read 5,872 times).
Dota 2 is undoubtedly a very interesting game with lots of varying strategies and game instances. Game situations change almost every time and it may get either difficult, easy, uncomfortable, perhaps ridiculous, you name it. There are lots of ideas that come to mind when playing, especially at midnight when your team mate doesn't know what mekansm is, your Lich buys a crystalys or hard support tells your carry to buy a courier. Funny right? I know.

In a pub match, what would you do if you have four intelligence (support type) heroes on your team and your opponents include Phantom Lancer, Naga Siren and Chaos Night? Quit? Rage flip your computer? hmmmm. But hey, it has it's up sides, like a Sven buying a Divine rapier and loosing it to you a Phantom Assassin. Or you're playing Pudge and u have 17 kills by 15th minute.

I made this blog so you can tell us about some of the occurrences you deem exclusive, be it good or bad in your pub experience. For a start, I played one game where the riki on my team bought aracane boots and shadow blade. Someone would say, "delete dota".