StarLadder #2: Partying

KongoTime @ 28th April 2012 19:44 (Read 9,565 times).
While there is no Dota 2 and we are looking at a healthy delay for today's match, I figured it would be a good idea to put a few myths about the team's partying habits into perspective. Partying is a natural part of LAN events, since friends with the same passion come together, plus the aspect of winning money causes cheeriness almost every time. What makes me an objective judge? Im usually the last to leave the press booth, which means I see who is hanging out at the bar long after the games, plus I stay with the entire Moscow5 team in one large apartment this weekend (Yes I only sleep one room next to Vigoss).

PGG lives Dota and he is LAN player. My first conversation with him happened at ASUS Spring last year. He seemingly appreciates when people make efforts to attend LANs. As I told him that I had paid for the trip to Kiev myself, we got along exceptionally well (ASUS Summer was the last LAN I paid for myself; shortly afterwards, we did better financially, hence can afford to cover the expenses of traveling coverage crew members). The flames that he occasionally types out during online matches dont actually display his actual character. There you just see that LAN Dota has a much higher status in his moral concept. What is true though is, that he doesn't care about what people, who he doesn't know, think about him and how he appears on photos and infront of the camera.

M5 are very reserved this weekend. They rather stick among themselves instead of talking to other teams and they were always the first to go back to the hotel, after the matches were over. Not to convey the impression that they would immediately hit the sack in Christian manner; of course gamers stay up until 4-6 AM and a bit of alcohol was consumed in the apartment as well. Discussions however were analytical and mostly circled around Dota drafting and the next opponent. Im quite jealous of team editors, who get to spend so much time with players and, while being with them, learn a lot about the game. What can be said on a more general note is, whenever they do well, they tend to loosen up and whenever they have catching up to do (like to Na`Vi right now), they remain concentrated. Bl00dAngel however seems to have developed a natural resistance against alcohol. I gotta say, what he is taking in pure concentration is mind-blowing.

Na┬┤Vi are definitely the most relaxed team this weekend. As seen on the stage cameras, their mood is mostly excellent and everything seems to be going their way regardless of what they do. Their relationship to the CLG players is very friendly; especially Puppey and Pajkatt, who played together quite a bit in the past, joke together in every spare moment. Without exceptions, players of those two teams were sitting together at the bar late after the games and seemingly enjoyed their time. Yesterday Darer players joined in as well, who after the first day, spent most of the night studying replays.

Undoubtedly, members of all teams will come together for the after party. Until then we have two more matches infront of us.