ProDOTA World League

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ProDota2 has formed a Worldwide League, featuring top teams from America, Europe, and Asia. There will be pro divisions and non-Pro divisions, offering both professional and amateur teams a chance to compete for $20,000 and $10,000 worth of prize money respectively.

Europe Qualifier #2: April 15th
1700 CET se Infused vs se youBoat (Bo1)
1800 CET kz vs eu Fnatic (Bo1)
1900 CET Winner vs Winner (Bo3)


-Update 2-

Fnatic will take the slot previously occupied by mTw, and they will face off against Darer takes the first of two slots available after beating EPD in the Qualifier #1 finals.



Darer will be playing against mTw instead of Western Wolves, as both mTw and wW have merged into one team. A slot is now open for the second qualifiers and we at joinDOTA will update it when we receive confirmation from ProDota2.


ProDota2's Worldwide League will kick off this week with two qualifiers featuring teams such as Darer and mTw. Two Europe qualifiers will be held on the 13th and 15th of April respectively, with the winner of each qualifier joining the six invited teams.

Teams will fight for the remaining two slots in the Europe division and earn the oppurtunity to compete for $30,000 worth of prize money plus hardware prizes sponsored by Razer.

Europe Qualifier #1: April 13th
1700 CET ru Darer vs eu mTw (Bo1)
1800 CET ro Dignitas vs cz Epidemic (Bo1)
1900 CET Winner vs Winner (Bo3)

Europe Qualifier #2: April 15th
1700 CET se Infused vs se youBoat (Bo1)
1800 CET kz vs eu Fnatic (Bo1)
1900 CET Winner vs Winner (Bo3)

Teams for Europe Division:
ua Natus Vincere
ru Moscow Five
dk Quantic Gaming
ru DTS Gaming
se Counter Logic Gaming (CLG)
eu Mousesports
ru Darer
Winner from Qualifier #2

There will be multiple streams with different languages, with two streams for English, two for Russia, two for French and one for Chinese. Our very own au Toby 'TobiWanKenobi' Dawson will be broadcasting the matches here. Chinese streamer cn Anderson Wang, who previously casted the Chinese Dota 2 broadcasts for The International and ESWC 2011, will be broadcasting the matches live, creating VODs and uploading them on his Youku for the Chinese Dota community.

Full list of casters:

uk TobiWanKenobi
uk Luminous
ru Versuta
ru Niddler
fr Dach & Max
fr LuCiqNo
cn Anderson Wang

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