Oh my god is it rly HIM??

levkan @ 18th April 2012 07:14 (Read 9,887 times).
AH DE HERROooo0o0o0o0o0o0o0oOOo0o0o0OOo0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0oo0o0o0o0


Can it be ? is it Him? WHO IS HE? OHHHH SHEEED!

Nnananananaananannananannananan its LEVKAN!!!
Nnananananaananannananannananan its LEVKAN!!!
Nnananananaananannananannananan its LEVKAN!!!
Nnananananaananannananannananan its LEVKAN!!!

awww yeaaaaaaaaah its meee yoyo guys wazzahhhhhh!!
I hope ya missed me coz i missed you guys arot!

the good old levkan sayin " once u go levkan blogg u wont go to any other blogg"

Today i was just chirring with my 4-pack redbull and its just so fken

Newsflash! Ma mainman hcgx is in asia with his own buttbuddehs and lives his life.
Thats why i wanted to make an awesome fken blogg to show him haw i fken miss yo ass mainman<3
Oh sheeed that sounded a lil'bit gay but i wanna connect kabels like we did before duude!
Oh sheeed that sounded more gay.... well what ze hell u know i miss ya bro hope i hear from ya soon my little raisin!

And while we´re at it i wanted to show ya this dude who controlls his omnislashes veri veri well! I wanna nominate him to be a new hero in dota!
-> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPpywcACZzk
kinda resembles Fagdid in one way ~_^ rye? Nah jokin mayne i laaf yo ass too alot. U were my little faggot @ dreamhack <3

I hope CLG reads dis coz dis is veri veri important! Whaii u lost vs mouz was coz u didhent do the lets do dis strat dawgs.
Potm – Pudge = insta win just sayyyin ~_^ naaah im just bustin yo asses good game werr prayed! ;)

Well imma gotta go naow on an important shit presentation so good luck
gais and hafe alot of fun!
Mainman cum to me soon HEHEHEHEHHEHEHE

OH YEAH! Those who dun like dis brogg check diz careface ouut -----> ~_^.

And if u like dis then u get a special price look at this bunny
very closeley and feel happy ->
( )_( )