ChronicDeath @ 5th April 2012 10:49 (Read 11,334 times).
Hello everyone. My name is Spike Edison.

I am 22 years old and i live in Ireland, and I have a love for e-sports :) At high school I was always a huge jock and because of this I sort of hid my love for videogames and all things technological away, as my friends were totally anti
nerds and videogames etc, and thus I was afraid that i would not fit in if they knew the full extent of my nerdiness.

However in recent years i have become more involved in the gaming community and love watching the GSL and MLG events, as well as some dota/hon. So basically I thaught that by registering I could become more involed in the community and further grow my passion for e-sports. I am currently in masters in sc2 and am loving every minute of it :D

Thanks a lot to everyone for listening, and I hope to be contributing soon.

Spike Edison.