S2 Games

SaViBo @ 16th May 2010 19:05 (Read 11,466 times).
I used to have a lot of respect for S2 games, Savage was a really fun game, and totally unique. Dota is a game that fully runs on community and loyalty, and S2 tries to takeover that community with loads of money and "evil" marketing strategies. Thats where my main problem with these guys come from. They are just copying everything Dota does. They have copied the game, the tourneys, the community sites(bought in, but you know what I mean). It is like they have no imagination to come up with something original, what seems very unlikely because Savage is one of the most original games ever...

Dota is so community-dependent and IMO it can't have a lot of setbacks since there is no real big money behind it. And I think that HoN is a setback in the process of developing Dota, because it isn't in the interest of Dota to divide the community like this. And by community I mainly mean the people who are actually doing something for the game, like sponsors, sites and other organizations. Because I think they will tend to choose the newer shinier game over the original.

However most of the real RTS gamers(non-Pros) will keep playing Dota because they know the same thing I have learned over years of playing games: "Gameplay is king." No matter how a game looks or the side features it has, the actual gameplay is the most important, and here is where Dota stays #1. This does mean that all the new gamers will go to HoN because they actually care about graphics and such.

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