Replay sites!

mesaber @ 29th April 2010 08:18 (Read 6,396 times).
Good: High quality including korean reps.
Bad: Site hard to browse because the language.
Good: Quality reps with many known names.
Bad: Sometimes low on updates.
Good: Inspiring quality reps.
Bad: Less known people but still good ones.
Good: (no verdict yet)
Bad: (no verdict yet)
Good: Quality reps from less known people.
Bad: Different leagues which maybe aint wanted by many.
Good: 2v2, 1v1 reps. High quality.
Bad: Weird site, less known people.
Good: Quality and quantity.
Bad: People outside the ramp of light.
Good: Quality before quantity.
Bad: Mostly stacked reps from other sites, less new reps.
Good: Mostly Quality reps.
Bad: Few reps.
Good: Known names, Quality.
Bad: Less updates.
Good: Replays.
Bad: Mostly unknown people.
Good: Replays.
Bad: Weird replay names.
Good: Quality replays.
Bad: Weird site, hard to find ALL replays.

(outdated text but the sites still remains good)