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MrBlue @ 4th December 2009 13:24 (Read 7,289 times).
Howdy folks. So SMM has ended, so I've decided to blog about it. If your wondering why it took me so long to blog about it. You see, my trip to SMM was kind of like a family vacation. My whole family and I went to Kuala Lumpur. I went down to Melaka for SMM while they stayed and had fun in KL. Then I went back to meet them after SMM and then went off to Pulau Pinang for few days. Now I just got back to my hometown. So yeah, back to work for Gosu. Anyway, off to the real stuff.

Lets see, I arrived one day early for SMM DotA. So I was able to catch MYM scrimming against EHOME. EHOME played really well those scrims. But too bad they fell to their Chinese counterparts in the playoffs. My first day was pretty boring. Watching people scrim. Waiting for more players to arrive. Like PokerIdol, INC'Xlo and so on. So nothing much to say about that. Boring. I guess on of the less boring part is that I met my myMYM counterparts. ReiN, RieN's brother and Danny89. The rest of the myMYM crew came the next day. Oh, how can I forget the ever so epic match of Media vs MCiTY. Media consisted of me(Gosu), ReiN(myMYM), Tobi(GameStath), Will(GameStath) and Phil(GameStath). Needless to say, we lost but it was just damn fun. You should hear Tobi shouting here and there. Guess he was doing his job "shoutcasting" the game. It was good that we played this fun match as MCiTY found out that the cloth covering the tables the computers were on were too smooth. Not ideal for a mouse to move. This is when MCiTY Toneeh took my Razer Destructor to use and he used my mousepad the whole tournament. So honored.

Second day of my SMM trip is more interesting. I think. This is where the rest of myMYM guys came, SoloZ, shawnyhawk and another guy which I dint get the name. Sorry. The myMYM guys are pretty cool, although very serious about their job. Found out that SoloZ has the same name as me, Terrence, after the tournament. lol. Most local teams have arrived and have started scrimming with each other in the morning as the actualy tournament starts in the afternoon. INC'Xlo won a scrim against MYM this morning. Woohoo!!!! Malaysian pride!!! PMS|Asterisk also arrived today and I had to chance to take a photo with the famous furryfish. My gosh, she is just so cute when she smiles. Its no wonder everybody cant concentrate on their game once the PMS girls arrived. lol. The opening ceremony was pretty good. Great dancers albeit, I cant understand what they are blabbling about. After the show, it was the group drawings. I was a bit sad that PMS was drawn in with MYM. Sad, sad, sad. And finally, the games has started. There wasnt much interesting matches on this day as its just the qualifying rounds for the second, third and fourth place of each state. Was just franticly updating the numbers and so on.

On to the third day, this is when the real action starts. All international teams started playing the group stages today. The first match to be played on stage was AEON vs EHOME. I dint get to see the match fully. But AEON must have played really well to beat EHOME because EHOME won their remaining group matches with ease. Was able to chat to EHOME's manager, penny, a bit. Pretty cool dude, he has really good English as well. Though I talked to him in Chinese. The other interesting match they had on stage was of course MYM vs FTZ. This was the deciding match to see which team gets into the playoffs. Both teams lost one game and won two in the group stages. They needed on more to go all the way to playoffs. I know a lot of people are either angry or disappointed at MYM's loss. But please know that every tier 1 and tier 2 Malaysian team were all ready to take on MYM. They analyzed them well into the night and came up with the best strategy to defeat them. So stop saying MYM dint play well, they did. Its just their opponents were more well prepared. And then theres PMS vs MYM. Of course MYM won this match. KuroKy was so relaxed at this match that he was just using one hand to click instead of clicking and bashing his keyboard. lol. Guess the PMS girls couldnt charm their way to a win. Though I dont think they would want that. Play the game, fair and square. No matter who your opponents are. Was able to ask Pusher about the game the next day. He thinks that PMS could have played better. I dont know, wasnt watching the match. I did find out that Pusher likes blondes. lol. Damn you Pusher!!! furry is cute ok? *End of trolling* I was also able to talk to Demon from PokerIdol a bit. He's a really cool dude to talk to. Really like him. Go Demon!!! Man, how can I forget. There was a match between Avava vs PokerIdol on stage. That was one of the most epic matches ever played. One side was winning, then the other made a come back. This went on for quite a while. Uh, duh, it turned out to be a 90 minunte game. Remstar's sniper(I think he was playing it anyway) was just so fat with Butterfly, Lothars, Manta and a lot of other good items. In the end, PokerIdol won the match. Dfeinitely a match to watch if you guys have the time.

Final day of SMM, and this is where everything boils down. Placings will be decided today. Cant really blog on what happened though. Lots of games here and there. Lots of shouts and so on. Well, CH vs Ks was an interesting "match". As both teams dint really feel like playing anymore, so they decided to roll in game to see who gets the higher number. Whoever gets it, will take 5th placing, the other 6th. I guess both agreed to this due to the fact that its already the 5th and 6th placing and theres not much prize-money involved to play very competitively. Grand final match was between FTD and cD. I dont think anyone was expecting FTD to get the championships. Sure they are from China and one of the best teams around. But they are relatively unknown to the rest of the world compared to cD, CH and EHOME. They did play well though, amazing ganks on the first games. Second games was pretty boring to most people as both teams were playing safe and mass turtling. In the end FTD was the best turtle and won. I can see they were very happy with their win. After the Grand Final match is of course prize-giving and so on. Nothing much to blog about here. So next paragraph.

I'll use this paragraph to blog about random stuff that I cant decide where to go. Hmm, lets see. Food at Melaka was terrible. I waited more than an hour until I got my food during the first day, and then another 10minutes for the guys just to get my bill. Stupid idiots. I dont blame SMM though, its out of their control because its the restaurant owned by A'Famosa. SMM did an excellent job of organizing this tournament. Theres nothing more I can add. Maybe that they provide a Media booth next time around. Media dint have a booth to setup, we were lucky that Seagate dint arrive to set up their booth so we could convert it to the Media booth. If they did come, I dont know where would we go. One of the thing all the games have in common is one thing: Spectre, Vanguard and Hood. You see that a lot in every single game played. Also saw hyhy with his girlfriend. May I say, they make the perfect couple. So sweet together. I envy him. Oh yeah, I enjoyed quite an amount of fame being an Editor for DotA. Its like I introduce myself to some players saying I am MrBlue from GosuGamers. And they'll say "Oh its you. Great article your wrote." Feels pretty good to be slightly famous. Though I dont write for the fame. Its for the passion. Speaking about passion. Some people say I really have passion for the game, because I paid my trip down to Melaka myself, along with the accomodation. Passionate or not? Up to you to decide. lol. Next year's prize pool will be even bigger, with the champions leaving with RM50000 compared to this year's RM42000. Get hyped!!!! I will definitely be there next year. SMM10. Here we go again. What else can I add? I suppose nothing else. Cant think of anything right now anyway.

So my highlights and lowlights of the tournament.

-Get to meet the MYM guys
-Took photos with furryfish
-Met the myMYM guys
-Went to my first ever LAN tournament
-Get to chat with Demon, Pusher and Toneeh. All very cool players.
-My Destructor being used by MCiTY Toneeh.
-Being recognized as an Editor of GosuGamers.

-Stupid food service
-No Media booth
-No SMM t-shirt (Sobs)

And thats all folks. Until next year's SMM. You probably wont see me blog here anytime soon. See yaz. Leave comments. Hehe.