Leta and JaeDong in route for quarter finals

Posted by Lars "cYaN" Olsen at 06 February 2009 20:02

Week one of the Batoo OSL has come and gone. This is where it really gets exciting. Some got exactly the start many predicted, while a few failed

There are so many big names in this StarLeague that it's a little scary to think of all the good games to come. Bisu beat Stork, after going through the wild card round. It's not hard to imagine someone who lost in the round of 32 actually coming back and winning the whole thing. What a turn of events that would be.

YellOw beat July quite soundly. He and Bisu are now on top of group A. It's still open but July who had to face reigning champion Stork and Bisu without a point is going to have a difficult road ahead.

Batoo StarLeague Week 1
Stork < Bisu Medusa
Leta > by.hero Tears of the moon
BeSt < HwaSin Return of the king
Luxury < JaeDong Sin chupung ryeong
YellOw > July Tears of the moon
TeSter < Fantasy Return of the king
UpMagiC > Flash Sin chupung ryeong
KaL > GGPlay Medusa

Leta managed to beat by.hero after a really nice game. Defeating the joker in the group, it's almost tempting to say Leta is the first to secure a place in the quarterfinals. Tester got cheesed by Fantasy and for a while there he did decently in trying to come back despite his keyboard problems. It's safe to say that his chances are slim to get through the group though.

Bisu next to the OSL wall of champions

Group C saw the upsets of the round. HwaSin took down BeSt with a nicely timed push that destroyed the fast-teching Protoss. UpMagiC beat Flash in a TvT of epic proportions. This opens up the group entirely and we might see an early exit for some of the favorites of the tournament.

JaeDong, JaeDong, JaeDong. He took down his perhaps biggest obstacle in Luxury. Along with Leta, he's already won that critical game and can almost taste the quarterfinals. KaL also managed to beat a rather uninspired GGPlay. Next week we'll see clearly who's in a position to advance and who'll be eliminated.

There are so many great games coming up next week, but Bisu versus July stands out. The wait is almost unbearable.

Fomos - Photo source
YouTube - Week 1-1 VODs
WFBrood - Week 1-2 VODs


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