More shrines incoming?

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 08 September 2012 12:18
Community manager Vaeflare said in a blue post that it's possible Diablo III to welcome some more shrines in the future.

We actually talked about introducing additional Shrine types in the future during a meeting we had earlier today. We’re also currently discussing the possibility of adding the Enlightenment Shrine into Inferno mode since the +XP bonus would be particularly appealing to players working towards their Paragon levels.

Players have indeed been asking for more shrines in order to make the game more diverse. The blue post above comes as a response to a topic named "Shrines are boring and need improvement" in which its creator posted a list of suggested shrine effects:

Regeneration Shrine: Your character regenerates x amount of resource per second.
Quick Shrine: Your character gains 15% movement speed.
Deadly Shrine: Your character does 25% more damage.
Summoning Shrine (Similar to Diablo II's Monster Shrine): Summons a champion or elite pack at your location.
Healthy Shrine: Your character regenerates x life per second.
Toxic Shrine: Your character emites a cloud of poison around themselves.
Chilling Shrine: Your character emits a frost nova every x seconds.
Fiery Shrine: Your character leaves fire in their wake.
Shocking Shrine: Your character shocks all nearby enemies every second.
Static Shrine: Your character gains +50 gold pickup radius.
Gem Shrine: The shrine drops a gem ranging from chipped (common) to radiant star (extremely, uberly rare).
Powerful Shrine: Your character becomes temporarily invulnerable.
Wealthy Shrine: Drops mass gold.
Lucky Shrine: Drops x amount of items, base rarity being magic.
(These previous two would replace the fortune shrine, which should be removed.)
Elusive Shrine: Increases your dodge chance to 75%
Enigmatic Shrine: Increases a random stat by 200% and reduces the rest by 75%.
Durable Shrine: Repairs all items for free.
Greedy Shrine: Summons a Treasure Goblin at your location.
Colorful Shrine: Drops 6 dyes of the same color.
Knowledgable Shrine: Drops x amount of artisan crafting page/tome depending on your level, with a small chance of dropping a recipe ranging from a 4 property item to legendary item to jewelcrafter recipe.

What do you think about those suggestions? Do you have some of your own? Drop us a comment and let us dive in a discussion.



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