The new face of the hunt: Demon Hunters in 1.0.4.

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 30 August 2012 21:21

Do you like shooting demons, spiders, worms, half-bodied zombies and pigmies that do nothing but mind their own business? Do you know that with Patch 1.0.4. there are even more hurtful ways to do it?

Below are our first impressions on how Demon Hunters play out after the news patch.

I used to be a tankventurer like you…

…but then I took a nerf arrow to every single skill I use so I had to sell all my gear and switch to ranged or roll a Monk alt.

There are no illusions that people will be pissed about the tank Demon Hunters being scratched off the list of viable builds just as there are no illusions that the build was in its core broken, despite its different and alternatively fun nature. With four separate LoH generators fueled by both Hatred and Discipline, tank Hunters were just a tad away from the state of unquestionable immortality intrinsic to Act I Barbarians...


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