Fury in gentle form: Female Barbarian cosplay

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 29 August 2012 17:08
Blizzard talked to the 2012 Gamescom cosplay winner Svetlana Quindt, the sword-wielding, fur-wearing female Barbarian.

With her love for cosplay dating all the way back to 2005, Svetlana is no stranger to dressing up as fictional characters. Now with Diablo III out, the experienced cosplayer took the chance to do a wizard photoshoot and raid Gamescom dressed as a Barbarian, excerpts from the latter shown below.

- "I guess I have the right body shape for this class and just love to build armored, bulky, and very detailed costumes. And I just love the wild, aggressive, and very cool female barbarian in Diablo III. So, Wei Wang's barbarian artwork was just perfect for my next project," said Svetlana in her interview with Blizzard Entertainment.


Shall we remind you how female Monks look like in real life? But of course we shall!



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