Patch 1.0.4 datamined

Posted by Markus "Kaydee" Sjöland at 19 August 2012 00:45

Patch 1.0.4 will be the mother of all patches and now some of the coming changes have been datamined. We present to you the 50 new Legendary item procs, the new set names and some graphic of the coming Magic and Gold find system called "System of Excellence".

Let's start with the new Legendary set names. All Legendary sets that have items affected by any of the 50 new item procs gets a new name, so players don´t mix them up with the old set. (Old name in bold)

Bul-Kathos's Children
Bul-Kathos's Glory

Danetta's Oath
Danetta's Creed

Chantodo's Legacy
Chantodo's Return

Shenlong's Defense
Shenlong's Noble Path

Manajuma's Ritual
Manajuma's Ornaments

Natalya's Wrath
Natalya's Solace

Immortal King
Immortal King's Legend

Tal Rasha's Wrappings
Tal Rasha's Sacrifice

Inna's Majesty
Inna's Grandeur

Zunimassa's Spirit
Zunimassa's Whispers

Endless Journey
Endless Path

Legacy of Nighttime Whispers
Legacy of Wicked Dreams

Blackthorne's Regalia
Blackthorne's Armor

The biggest change to Legendary items is the introduction of 50 new item procs, this will make the Legendary items really stick out.

Arcane spike
X% probability of an attack to create a magical sphere

When attacking you can call fetish.

When you attack, you can call the ghost of a fallen defender.

Raskalyvatel heaven
X% probability of its impact on the enemy to bring down punishment from heaven

Flaming ax Sankisa
When damaged, you can overcome the pain.

Power of Thunder
X% probability that when you hit the target, it will escape from the shock level

X% probability at impact point opponents "Marked for Death"

Fireproof boots
The land on which you are going, cracked from the heat.

Crow Wing
Crows flock to you.

Gold Leather
When you deal a blow to enemies, of which gold may fall.

Flying dragon
The attack rate of attack can be doubled.

Butcher's Knife
Butcher spirit still lives in his butcher's knife.

X% probability of an attack to hit the enemy with acid

Infernal prigvozditel
When you deal damage you can immobilize opponents

Cannon demon
X% probability of an attack fire exploding arrows

Stormy crows
X% probability of an attack to release a ball of fire

Sword of vengeance
X% probability of an attack of demonic rage explode

When you deal damage you can subdue opponents at will.

Focusing Maloti
At the sight of a staff opponents can take flight.

Demon's Flight
Taking damage you can reflect projectiles.

Bone Wall
X% probability to surround yourself with bone shield when damaged

Mantle Deathguard
X% Chance to strike a fan blades when damaged

Vigilant wall
When damaged, you can surround yourself with a magical shield.

When damaged, you can use the spell "Holy of Holies."

Plagued pants
Be careful with these pants ... Sometimes they start to stink.

Prorubatel fjords
X% probability of an attack to surround yourself with a frosty aura

Razbivatel land
X% probability of splitting the ground in shock

Puzzle Ring
When you take damage, this ring may call a greedy goblin.

Son of Odin
X% probability of contact with the enemy to release Chain Lightning

Blade bloody magic
You bleed for the

Lick Andariel
X% probability when damaged to create a ring of poison

Dungeon moonlight
X% probability of an attack to surround himself with the magical energy of the balls

Keychain Murloc
Summon a creature from the deep.

Shefersky hammer
X% probability of taking damage to surround himself with a shield of lightning

Divider heaven
When you attack, you can enlist the support of the angels.

Burning smut
X% probability of an attack to release a ball of fire

Sickle Butcher
X% probability of an attack to drag opponents to his

Manajuma's Gory Fetch
You are surrounded by a poison cloud.

Buriza-do kianon
X% probability that the shells ranged pierce through enemies

X% probability at impact split the earth under the feet of opponents

Engagement ring Bull
You suck the life out of nearby enemies

Now for the real candy a sneak peak at some of the info that we have for the new Magic and Gold find system called "System of Excellence".


Some strings have been datamined and might share some insight into this new system.

AltLevelUpRewards - Search magic objects {s1} and search for gold {S2}
AltLevelUnlocked - A new portrait of perfection
AltLevelUp - {s1}-level improvement
AltLevelUnlockedTitle- you got
ParagonLevels_title - Levels improve
ParagonLevels - now receive experience allows you to earn levels of improvement! With each level of improvement you get a bonus to find gold and magic items.

updates bar: menu button advances and scale pumping perfection

There is a supposedly leak of some information regarding the "System of Excellence" so take this information with a huge grain of salt. We know for sure when Jay Wilson posts his blog about the new system. My educated guess is that it will hit the web on Monday and then we get the patch the day after.

  • MF swapping made obsolete. Your MF rises 'slowly' to its max equipped value ie over ~120 seconds from you equipping a piece, its MF bonus is added to your character sheet - cant swap just before final blow, unless you want to kite around last mob for 120 secs.
  • Levels of Excellence added. Gain a temporary 'level of excellence' on each elite kill. This number is tracked on your character perpetualy and you dont lose it if you change games/acts etc.
  • Every time you kill your 500th elite, a guranteed Legendary drops (ilvl and affix rolls depending on Act and MF Gear as usual). This resets your 'Level of Excellence' to zero.
  • This Legendary is BindOnEquip, so now while a certain amount of farming gurantees everyone a legendary drop, you need to make a choice - use it/save it for alt OR put it on AH/Trade. Cant use and pass on. This will provide the much needed item sink, else a guranteed Legendary drop will eventually flood the economy.
  • This LoE system was favored for its simplicity and effectiveness. Its pretty much the WoW 'token' system, which essentially gurantees end game gear progression, as long as youre running the content, even if youre missing out on drops.



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