Information about 1.0.4. changes incoming!

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 09 August 2012 10:59

Although the launch date for patch 1.0.4. is not yet set in stone, Blizzard have made a list of the information they will be sharing with the community in the future.

Just like with 1.0.3., the release of the next major Diablo 3 patch will be preceded by several developer blogs regarding the changes that will be made to the game. What will be the topics discussed, however? Bashiok answers:

System changes - Technical designer Wyatt Cheng will be providing a "high level summary" of the system changes incoming in 1.0.4.

Legendary item improvements - The blog will be provided Senior Game Designer Andrew Chambers and will cover one of the hottest topic in the Diablo 3 community: that of the current legendary items being marginally worse than random generated rare items. It would be interesting to see if the legendary buff (which will not be done retrospectively and will affect post-1.0.4. legendaries only) will only affect raw stats or introduce any of the changes that the community has suggested such as unique prefixes/affixes not rolled on rare items.

Magic Find update - Jay Wilson will be providing information on what steps have Blizzard take to update Magic Find. This is likely to be a follow-up post on the call-for-feedback blogpost from a month ago in which Blizzard offered five suggestions of how to fight the MF gear swapping.

Class changes - This will be another blog by Wyatt Cheng about the upcoming changes to Diablo 3 classes and the philosophy behind that.

Patch notes - Finally, Lylirra will release the full patch notes for 1.0.4. shortly before its actual release.

Several interviews and developer chats will accompany those blog posts and all of them will be posted on Diablo III's front page (and on our own front page, of course). Finally, bear in mind that the list above is not set in stone but should provide a general idea of what Blizzard will be revealing to the public in the coming days.



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