Beating hardcore Inferno: An extensive guide

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 03 August 2012 17:51

Posted by AlexanderBarin on INCGamers, this guide aims to provide the reader with all the necessary know-how on beating Diablo 3 hardcore style!

In one of the most extensive hardcore guides one can currently find, Alex covers every little detail that can help the player beat the game without dying a single time and he does that from the viewpoint of the Barbarian class. Topics include:

Essential skills for the Barbarian
Skill builds
How to properly gear your character
Minimum stats for defeating bosses
Tricky and dangerous encounters (boss fights and elite packs alike)
Tactics to mitigate damage income
Tactics for the boss fights
Softcore practice and should hardcore runs be done solo or in group

You can acquaint yourself with the guide here and feast on Alexander's wisdom for your next hardcore section. Every video footage from the guide has been uploaded to our VIDEO SECTION as well as our DIABLO III HUB which is there to collect every interesting piece of unique content, both written and otherwise!

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