Guide [Demon Hunter]: Tanking with the Hunter

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 23 July 2012 12:09

After a Crit Mass Melee Wizard and a Tornado Barbarian, we stay on the theme of builds that put the characters in the middle of it all. In this edition of the Guide Collector, we take an unorthodox approach to the Demon Hunter, making him take damage in the thousands instead of dealing it glass-cannon style.

Tanking Demon Hunters use short-range skills with a high Life on Hit proc such as Granades [Gas Grenades] and Chakram [Shuriken Cloud] and damage reduction ones like Numbing Traps and Shadow Power [Gloom] to soak up enormous amounts of damage. Such Demon Hunters go against their design philosophy, dropping the long-range DPS strategies and switching from crit chance and crit damage to armor and all resist, from attack speed to high vitality and from emeralds to amethysts.

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