Guide [Barbarian]: Tornado Barbarian

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 14 July 2012 17:04

Today’s Build Collector episode focuses on the dual-wielding, high-DPS tornado Barbarian. We make the powerful melee warrior run like the wind and whirl through enemies, wearing a kick-ass budget gear for a little bit under 2 million gold.

The build revolves around using Sprint [Run Like the Wind] and Whirlwind to maximize AoE damage and abuse the Life on Hit stat. The barbarian then uses Battle Rage [Into the Fray] (high crit chance necessary) to maintain both Whirlwind and Wrath of the Berserker [Thrive on Chaos] indefinitely. The build uses little to no defensive skills, essentially putting him in the glass cannon category but is one that, when geared properly, can keep his hit points up even amidst a sea of enemies.

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