Guide [Wizard]: Critical Mass Melee Wizard

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 10 July 2012 18:59

Welcome to our Build Collector - the episodic column of GosuGamers where we guide and acquaint you with the large variety of class skill builds which are currently popular in Diablo III.

We'll collect everything - cookie cutters, hardcore survival, fun and unorthodox builds, leveling and endgame strats or such designed for one particular act or boss fight. We'll examine how each of these can be customized to better fit different playstyles, what gear to look for, what are the underlying concepts of the build, how to play it (and how not to play it) and its pro's and con's.

For our first issue we take the somewhat unorthodox melee Wizard build revolving around the Critical Mass passive and crit chance gear.


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