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Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 21 June 2012 18:08
Patch 1.0.3. hit the servers and with it the next wave of negative feedback. Bashiok hopped on the forums to engage in the discussion of how useful (or how useless) is the increased cost for gear repairs.

As you know, one of the bigger and largely discussed topics (even before the patch was released) was the heavily expensive repairs, the costs for which increased around 3-4 times. Blizzard have stated on a number of occasions that this was a measure to prevent the so called "death zerging" (dying over and over again until the mob pack is cleared) and force the ranged classes out of the glass-cannon-only way of thinking.

Diablo 3 players have been testing the change for a day now and some of them communicated their displeasure over at the Battlenet forums. Bashiok came in to address their concerns.

Which community manager has the fortitude to address the 90% negative feedback surrounding repair costs

Oh... I guess me.
No one is going to like additional repair costs. I'm not sure how any feedback would be "Great, I really love paying more for repair costs." however, we have seen enough feedback and data to show that the ratio is pretty good as long as people aren't throwing their character's corpses against enemies. Death has meant nothing for a very long time now, and it's going to take some getting used to and just understanding that death is no longer something that just happens, it should be something you're really fighting to avoid, and potentially being smarter about tackling content you can actually tackle.

That said, we think the normal wear and tear is maybe too high. Just fighting is probably too expensive, and we're looking at potential adjustments there.

So your logic is. You don't like it?, Who cares. deal with it. lovely

No, our logic is we have logic as to why we make changes, and we'd be happy to have a conversation on them if you'd like.

Ummm am I missing something here??? Why dont you give us what we want? I mean we are your customers, dont you want to keep us happy and playing this game? Or you want us to leave and buy a competitors game that wants to keep us happy..
REMEMBER: If no one is playing you game then your RMAH profits will suffer.. You need as many people as possible playing to make you greedy real money over and over..
Making more adjustments eh? again you throw something to us, change it and change it again. When are you gonna learn??? This is Blizzard, I used to think the most polished and best gaming company out there. I used to think you guys only delivered polished ('it will be ready when its ready') software. Now we all know you guys take 12 years and still deliver us unfinished and not balanced software.

You want a balanced and well-polished game, but you also want us to do whatever you want (most of which will not lead to a balanced and well-polished game). I'm not sure you're working in the same direction on those points.

Death shouldn't be such a huge concern in D3, if so, why bother making a separate mode called hardcore?

Right! I mean, why even have death at all?

I'm making a steady profit on Act 1. Here's what I'm doing:
1) I'm clearing everything.
2) I'm getting and keeping an NV 5-stack.
3) I repair when gear goes yellow.
I die infrequently, but occasionally. However, with a 5-stack of NV, and sometimes before that, so many creatures drop 500-1000g at a pop that there's no way I could run out of money for repairs.


I am not DYING. I am however losing money because of the repair costs.

I addressed that in my original post. (last sentence)

What do you think about the repair cost change. Is it a good way to fight "death zerging", is it too expensive for the job it's supposed to do or does it have no effect whatsoever?

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