Diablo 3 game designers in Q&A session: 'all zones reached'

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 07 June 2012 22:04
barbarian-item-240.jpgThree game designers for Diablo 3 - Wyatt Cheng, Andrew Chambers and Jay Wilson, sat down to host an Q&A session on Reddit yesterday. In it we found out that players have indeed discovered all the playable zones in the game.

Interesting features to come is that patch bosses such as the Butcher, will give better loot when you kill them for each difficulty. It will also be easier to spot the loot on the ground, since the color of potions, gems, tomes and pages will change.

The progess on PvP
A worthy question that was brought up, especially since you're reading this on a from-the-start eSports page, was about player versus player, PvP. The plan, for now, is to only support PvP in arenas and not in any dueling open-world type. When asked about the progress on the PvP 1.1 patch, they replied with "PVP is pretty fun, so very happy :)".

Barbarian the most popular Hardcore hero
We also find out that Barbarians are the hottest hero in Hardcore mode, sporting a 25.85% reach in levels 46-50, and 22.67% at level 60. Witch Doctor is, by far, the least popular hero with 14.81% and 15.23% respectively.

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