Datamined: Level up your artisans? Only 775K gold

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 22 March 2012 12:45
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The digging into the secrets of Patch 15 continues. This information is all about leveling your crafting companions and the exuberant amount of gold and tomes of training that you'll have to invest to bring them to full potency.

This datamining shows that bringing the blacksmith and jeweler to Exalted will not be an easy, or cheap, task. Apart from all the pages and tomes of training, the blacksmith will require 645,000 gold while jeweler's take will be 130,000.

Blacksmith leveling

*As of beta patch 14

645,000 gold (leveling cost)
10 Page of Blacksmithing (Nightmare)
20 Tome of Blacksmithing (Hell)
35 Tome of Secrets (Inferno)

New Prices for beta patch 15

645,000 gold
50 Page of Blacksmithing
50 Tome of Blacksmithing
45 Tome of Secrets

Jeweler leveling


130,000 gold (leveling cost)
10 Page of Jewelcrafting (Nightmare)
10 Tome of Jewelcrafting (Hell)
15 Tome of Secrets (Inferno)

130,000 gold
10 Page of Jewelcrafting (Nightmare)
20 Tome of Jewelcrafting (Hell)
40 Tome of Secrets (Inferno)

The good folks at have also broke down the costs to advance to each particular level of reputation, as well as the crafting costs for the gems in the game. All of this is accessible through the links below.

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